Japanese Sweets and treats to try now!

Japan has one of the greatest varieties of treats: be that the traditional ones or the modern and international stuff. Click to know more about it!

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Even though we walked a lot while we were in Japan, we also ate so much I think we gained weight. Luckily, we don’t have a scale.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Japanese food and the treats couldn’t be left behind.

Most of them aren’t too sweet, which is good and bad (healthier, but I end up eating a lot more than I should), they’re gorgeous and almost always affordable.



So today, I’ll tell you all about our favorite sweets.


Japanese shu-kurimu

Shu-kurimu from Pinède

This must be the first one because it’s my all-time favorite. It’s actually a French treat, pate a choux, and I’ve never tried a French one so I’m no judge here. I’m just saying you gotta try the Japanese version. Just that.

Imagine the amazing pastry filled with the most amazing custard cream. My favorite is in this store, in Suzuka, Mie. Really. And I wish I’ve had several while we were there.


Another French one, which is basically an ice cream sundae with loads of fruits. They are delicious. In some cafés, you can find huge ones that are meant to be shared – they come in buckets. They’re fun but really big and expensive, so think before you order. We did and we did. 😛



One delicious anmitsu from Odakyu Halc, Tokyo

It’s ice cream, cubes of Kanten jelly, sweet azuki beans, a few pieces of fruit and a syrup. Sometimes it comes with tiny mochi (rice flour balls) and they’re delicious. There are many variations and I must say I haven’t tried one that wasn’t super good. My kids disagree, though. If you’re gonna try it, do so on a very hot day: it’s heavenly.


It’s a light batter in the shape of a fish filled with sweet azuki bean paste. Angelo only eats them when they come with chocolate filling, but I like then with the beans. OK, I’m not impartial, I like every sweet that comes with azuki beans. In some places, you can find loads of different fillings, even ice cream.

Melon Pan

Melon pan

Happy Angelo with his ice cream filled melon pan from Kagetsudou, Asakusa

It’s a bread with a very mild hint of melon, and it’s everywhere. Angelo loves them. I think they’re bread. In Asakusa, he tried this one with ice cream and it was crunchy and smelt delicious. I didn’t try it. Should’ve.




The small and beautiful little sweets served at tea ceremonies. I DID NOT have one this time and I can’t believe it. But they are truly gorgeous, a piece of art. Must go back and have some.

Ice Monaka

ice monaka

Ice Monaka, these biscuits are awesome, and I don’t even like it.

They called it Ice cream hamburger, but it’s actually ice cream between 2 cookie biscuits. We had ours in Asakusa and it was delicious! Coral had the pink taro ice cream and she had 2 – she’s not the best kid to try out new food and she loved it that much. I had the pumpkin ice cream and man, it was good.

Ice cream

ice cream in japan

One of the prettiest ice cream displays we saw

We were there in September, and it was the end of summer. Super hot, so we had a lot of ice cream. A lot. The mochi ice cream is super good (my favorite is the one with caramel filling). The stores’ soft serves are also mostly delicious. And there’s also the shaved ice with syrup, called kakikouri. I haven’t tried one bad ice cream in Japan and I am picky. Baskin & Robins and Haagen Dazs both have awesome Japanese flavors (that are not green tea) and are awesome.


miniature sweets

These plates are saucer-sized and these are the miniature the kids made – all sweet

Just because there are just so many things, I couldn’t even remember the names. But really, the supermarket/convenience store sweets are also great. There are these cute hard candies everywhere and they’re super yummy. My kids LOVED the miniature food that is actually sweets. They tried the donuts, sushi, takoyaki and ramen versions and they’re awesome fun to make and they’re not too bad to eat either. Hi-chew is a soft candy that’s high success with my kids too. I love the milk caramel candies, they’re delicious, but my favorite one is the golden sugar candies, which are basically caramel – so good!

Angelo likes the BLACK chewing gum. I like them too!

Japanese candies

The beautiful candies from Nara

Did we miss anything? What’s your favorite sweet in the world?




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  1. Vyjay Rao
    Vyjay Rao says:

    The Japanese sweets seem to have a unique texture and are so colourful. The ice-creams look heavenly and they are displayed also so artistically. I was not aware that Japanese cuisine included so many sweet dishes.


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