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Te Puia, Rotorua, NZ, is a great place to see geysers and experience the Maori culture!

Te Puia was our first contact with geysers! The smell, though….

Traveling with children is not easy. It requires planning, patience, and resilience.

This blog is all about travel, but especially, traveling with children. We share with you how, where, and when to go (or not to), where to stay, what to do, how much it costs and how to prepare for the trip. You can skip the research and just follow our steps!

It is also about world schooling, which is how to denominate the education children get while on the road.

We will talk about being digital nomads, how it works with children onboard, the challenges, the good and the bad.

The kids will have their say on this site too, and they might want to write something up here, but they mostly write on their blog, called Little Llamas.

Salt Cathedral, Zipaquira, near Bogota, in Colombia, is pretty amazing!

The Salt Cathedral, in Zipaquira, was our first experience with underground salt mines!

Lastly, it is a blog to keep far-away family and friends up to date with our family’s whereabouts and stories and adventures.

We hope you’ll enjoy it and that it makes you want to travel with your little ones because they do grow up way too fast and it’s not as difficult as it seems. Trust me. I’ve been traveling with them for 13 years.

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The 6 of us in Valparaíso, Chile