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Modibodi Review: Menstrual Underwear for travel

What to do when you get your period on the day before your trip? Or during your trip? How to plan a trip if your menstrual cycle is irregular? What’s the best menstrual product to have when traveling? There are so many questions.  Honestly, my favorite go-to product is a menstrual cup. It’s super tiny, […]

Things to do in Takayama with kids

We’d never heard of Takayama before we were searching for a place to spend the night after our visit to Shirakawago. We decided to spend 2 nights there (it means one whole day only!) and, oh, we absolutely loved it! Discover below all the best things to do in Takayama with kids!  Where is Takayama […]

The best of Shirakawago with kids

Shirakawago or Shirakawa Village is one of the most beautiful villages in Japan. Along with Gokayama, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The gassho-style houses, with their thatched roofs and the location (between mountains and rivers), make it unique. Continue below to know more about Shirakawago with kids! Where is Shirakawago? In the Chubu region […]

Motopia: the Suzuka Circuit Park

The F1 GP in Japan happens in a city called Suzuka. It’s not a very tourist-oriented city, being small and seeing the crowds only when the GP is happening. While the race isn’t something most kids will enjoy, there’s the F1 theme park right there. Keep scrolling to find out all about Motopia: the Suzuka […]

The best of Kyoto for kids

When people think Japan, they’re mostly either imagining Tokyo or Kyoto. While Tokyo is the center for technology and neon lights, Kyoto is known for its temples and natural beauty, Discover here the best of Kyoto for kids! You may also like: All about Japan Travel for families! Where to stay in Kyoto with kids […]

The best minimalist travel bag: Pakt review

Have you ever thought about doing a one-bag travel? It basically means that you’ll carry only one bag, obviously. No checked bag, no hand bag, no computer bag. It may sound impossible, but let us show you that it’s actually not. Keep on to find the best minimalist travel bag: Pakt review! ** this is […]

Things to do in Dubai with Kids

Traveling with kids is a daunting task, indeed, but when you choose the right place, it can make your vacation very pleasurable. Dubai is where East meets West. With the proper connectivity, variety in food and experiences, it can keep you and your kids busy, or relaxed, as you may want it! Keeping this in […]

What to do in Kobe with kids

When someone hears Kobe, Japan, the first thing that usually comes to mind is Kobe beef. While the tender meat is great, the city is much, much more than that. Carry on scrolling to find what to do in Kobe with kids – and much more! Where is Kobe City, Japan? Kobe city, in Hyogo-ken […]

The best of Tokushima, Japan, with kids

Tokushima Prefecture is located in the Shikoku Island, Japan. It’s a place famous for its typical dance, Awa Odori, the Naruto whirlpools and the beautiful Iya Valleys. But there’s more to it! Find bellow the best of Tokushima, Japan, with kids! You may like: All about Japan travel with kids! Where to stay in Tokushima […]

Things to do in Kochi, Japan, with kids

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Japan, Kochi prefecture is breathtaking and full of incredible things to do. Most places aren’t YET very popular, and full of off-grip amazing tourism spots, you’ll not regret having visited it. So here’s our Things to do in Kochi, Japan, guide, with kids. ** a little […]