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Travel Tattoo Ideas – and why they’re the best souvenir

We love Travel Tattoos – the best souvenir to ever exist. Angelo and I have been getting them since we were 19 and if they weren’t so expensive, we’d be all covered up by now.  They really are the best souvenir, as they don’t take any space, don’t weight, and they’re unique! Then we started […]

How to decide between Costa Rica and Nicaragua for your trip

When we’re traveling with kids, we need to think about a lot of things. If you’re trying to decide between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, read on because we’ve been on both in 2017 and I’m gonna help you decide!   What to Consider There are many little differences between the 2 countries that need to […]

A little guide to Nicaragua for families with kids: Granada, Masaya, and Managua

We had 3 weeks in Nicaragua in September 2017. I’ve already written about León, and today, I’m talking everything Granada, Masaya, Managua, and the whole of Nicaragua for families with kids. It’s all crunched together because we were kind of sick during those 2 weeks and couldn’t do much around. *this post contains affiliate links. […]

Why travel with kids? – Our favorite bloggers tell their reasons

We got asked that a few times. Why didn’t we travel before the kids and let them have a “normal” life? Why take them? Isn’t it more stressful? It’s just too expensive! Well, we believe that travel isn’t only about leisure. It isn’t only having cocktails at the beach and partying until dawn. It’s about […]

A guide to León, Nicaragua, for families with kids

We had a week in León, Nicaragua, with kids, in September 2017. It was our first stop in Nicaragua and, boy was it hot! León is a stunning colonial town 2 hours drive away from Managua, and today I’m gonna tell you all about it!     Best place to stay with kids in León […]

A little guide to Costa Rica for families with kids

We had 3 wonderful weeks in Costa Rica with our kids in August 2017. It was really hot and yet, we enjoyed it a lot. We did have some problems with FedEx, the internet, and car rental, but other than that, it was beautiful. Below is our guide. The best of Costa Rica for families […]

Girl talk: periods, pads, menstrual cups, the environment, and money

Warning: graphic, bloody, and personal content ahead. There are, also, affiliate links on this post. If you buy something through them, it won’t cost you anything but it’ll give us a small percentage! When I first arrived in Madrid, in 2006, I opened up a door for environmental consciousness. There were so many possibilities of […]

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, with kids

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica, and it’s a vibrant city. It’s not as hot as the other cities, it has all the amenities and craziness every big city offers, and yet, it’s incredibly calm and quiet. We visited it with our kids in August 2017. I’m here to share with you all […]

Punta Uva and Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, with kids

We spent a week in Punta Uva, Puerto Viejo region, in Costa Rica, with kids. It’s on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and what a beautiful place that was! Visiting Puerto Viejo and Punta Uva, Costa Rica, with kids I was sitting on the daybed, on the porch, working. I heard a helicopter-like noise […]

Gift Ideas for travelling kids and families

I’m always a bit lost when I want to gift someone because I have no idea what ‘normal’ people these days like. And I’m pretty sure ‘normal’ people have no idea what to give traveling kids and families. So, I decided to write a whole post with ideas we would love to receive and that […]