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Punta Uva and Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, with kids

We spent a week in Punta Uva, Puerto Viejo region, in Costa Rica, with kids. It’s on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and what a beautiful place that was! Visiting Puerto Viejo and Punta Uva, Costa Rica, with kids I was sitting on the daybed, on the porch, working. I heard a helicopter-like noise […]

Gift Ideas for travelling kids and families

I’m always a bit lost when I want to gift someone because I have no idea what ‘normal’ people these days like. And I’m pretty sure ‘normal’ people have no idea what to give traveling kids and families. So, I decided to write a whole post with ideas we would love to receive and that […]

Bye Canada, Hello Costa Rica – traveling in Canada with kids and the plans for Costa Rica

We’re ending our Canada series and entering our Costa Rica series now on the blog. As we always do, we’ll give our some tips for traveling in Canada with kids and our plans for Costa Rica! Canada In Canada, we concentrated in Ontario and Quebec. We had 2 weeks in Toronto, a week in Ottawa, […]

Review Avianca Airlines with kids

We’ve been traveling Avianca for a while now. We bought all the tickets as one because it was way cheaper that way. It was La Paz (Bolivia) to Lima (Peru) to Bogota (Colombia) to Toronto (Canada). 3 flights, 4 weeks apart from each other. I’m going to tell you how flying with Avianca was for […]

A little guide to Quebec City, Canada, with kids

We had 3 lovely weeks in Quebec city with our kids between July and August 2017. It was warm and sunny and full of tourists. Except when it wasn’t. Even so, it was still beautiful. Quebec city is just so beautiful it’s hard to believe it’s real. From Montreal to Quebec City, we took the […]

Best Games and Plays for Kids Who Travel

I have 4 kids. We’ve been traveling for nearly a year and a half. We need the stuff to keep them entertained. We’ve tried quite a lot of stuff, and I feel very confident about writing this post now. Here’s the list of the best games and plays for traveling kids. * This post contains […]

A guide to Montreal, Canada, with kids

We had 3 weeks in Montreal, Canada, with our 4 kids, between June and July 2017. It was hot and sunny from 5 am to 9 pm and we enjoyed it a lot. We didn’t do much, but what we did, we loved. Montreal is such a cool city, we just couldn’t get enough of it. […]

One week in Ottawa, Canada, with kids

We had only one week in Ottawa, but just because it was during the celebrations of Canada’s 150th anniversary – and things got A LOT more expensive there during that period because everything happens there. It is the capital, after all. It was June 2017. Ottawa is kinda small, we found. Not a problem, we […]