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Bye, Colombia and Hello, Canada!

With great sadness, I declare the end – for now – of our Colombian visit and the beginning of the Canadian one! We’re spending 2 months in Canada and visiting 4 different cities. Colombia was my favorite country in South America – it was affordable, beautiful, friendly, welcoming, safe, the food is incredible, and there’s […]

A travel guide to Bogota, Colombia, with kids

Bogota brings up mixed feelings. It’s beautiful and incredibly silent, comparing to the previous city (Lima), but it was cold and rainy. It’s also in altitude, so that explains a lot. We didn’t do much because we’ve had a few problems. First of all, I had some pretty bad days with my head. Then we […]

Turibus Medellín: Guatapé and Peñol, day trip from Medellín, Colombia, with kids

This is a sponsored post. We participated on this tour by a courtesy of Turibus Medellín, but the opinions are 100% ours. It was one of the only grey mornings we’ve had while in Medellín, and yet, we had only 2 more days there so it was now or never. The tour started early and […]

Little guide to Medellín, Colombia, with kids

We had 2 lovely weeks in Medellín, Colombia, between May and June 2017. After 2 chilly weeks in Bogotá, we flew to Medellín. The flight with Viva Colombia was a bit stressful. They charged for Coral’s toddler size school bag because of the handle – too big, apparently, even though it was under the weight […]

Home Tips for Before you Leave for a Vacation

We’d gone for a week away. The smell, when we opened the front door, was horrifying. The number of flies was enough to blacken the sight. We were sure something or someone broke into the house, messed everything up, left the fridge opened, scattered trash around the house and died there. We nearly turned our […]

Bye Peru, Hello Colombia!

It’s time to say goodbye to Peru – for now – and start on Colombia! While Peru was a food paradise, Colombia beat it. I mean, Colombia was perfect in every single way! Cusco’s beauty and incredible food, Lima’s heat and ruins and buzz and beaches, we loved it. We traveled from Lima to Cusco […]

Delicious food you must try in Peru

Peru is home to incredible food. You’re bound to be extra happy foodwise there. It was one of the places with the best food we’ve been, and we’ve eaten a lot this past year. On this post, you’ll find the list of the best food we’ve found – local, delicious, and easy to find. There’ll […]

Our guide to Lima, Peru, with kids

We had 2 lovely weeks in Lima. There wasn’t much we wanted to do there, but we went anyway and I’m glad we did. It didn’t have the amazing Cusco food, but it was full of stuff to see and do, our kids loved it. Our visit was in May 2017. We spent our days […]

One year of travel: 10 family travel mistakes

We’ve completed our first year traveling full time now and yes, we’ve been having a wonderful time BUT it doesn’t mean we didn’t make a huge amount of mistakes. Trust me, we did. We made lots of mistakes. And I’ll list them down here so you can learn from our mistakes and, well, avoid them. […]

Cusco (or Cuzco), Peru, with kids

We spent 9 days in Cusco, Peru, with kids, in April 2017. On this post, I’m going to tell you all about it. It’s a breathtaking city, we fell in love with it even before landing. The views from the airplane are stunning! Worth staying awake! High altitude alert!  Cusco is 11,152’ or 3,399 m […]