who we are

We are Thais (the mom), Angelo (the dad), Mel (#1), Joao (#2 – you can read it John), Jose (#3 – it is read Joseph without the ph) and Coral (#4).

We are a Brazilian-Kiwi family living in New Zealand since 2010.

It’s a long time to be in one place for us. It’s probably the longest we’ve been anywhere – since becoming a family, that is.

Since before Mel was born, we wanted to try and live abroad. But, well, it wasn’t the time. I (Thais) was in college and Angelo had just started to work. Then we got pregnant. I quit college, but it wasn’t the time to travel, because, hey, little baby.

Still, we couldn’t resist it. Not abroad, but somewhere a bit quieter, less massive. Sao Paulo is awesome, but it’s a bit chaotic. We moved.

Spent a few months in Belo Horizonte (in Minas Gerais, Brazil) but we got pregnant again and went back to Sao Paulo.

We didn’t want to stay for too long, so we rented a gorgeous little house in the city of Vinhedo (still in the Sao Paulo State) and Joao was born.

My kids love to travel. They love discovering new places and beautiful things. They do get bored, though, so we need to mix things up.

This is the youngest, Coral, in Cartagena de Índias, in Colombia.

Angelo was called to work in India. Kids weren’t welcome and I was a bit scared of being alone with two babies, therefore, I went back to Sao Paulo and Angelo went to India.

He came back shortly after and got an offer to work in Madrid (Spain). This time, kids could come too and we all went. Amazing 6 months passed and we had to go back to Brazil because I was going to have a baby. Again.

Jose was born in Brazil while we were housesitting for a cousin couple that was living in Argentina.

They came back and we were free again. We decided to go to Japan to spend some time with my parents. We were staying for 1 year only but ended up staying for 2.

Angelo got another offer, this time to Auckland. We came and never left.

I mean, we went to Brazil in 2014 and to Disney World in Florida in 2015. And we kind of travel a bit around here as well.

So, to complete the family, Coral came. She’s growing and we FINALLY decided to take one big step: to travel the world. Before it’s too late and the older kids get too big to come along.

We’ve been on the road for a year now!