Last week we’ve completed 6 months since we’ve left our house in Auckland, New Zealand and 1 month since I’ve become a full-time digital nomad.

Still figuring out how to run a business, how to improve, how to better serve my customers. At the same time, trying to reduce the working time and spend more time with family.

I have fears, many of them, believing in myself, start/stop, financial, being lonely and family, and I’m constantly working on them and hope to get over it!


Believing in myself
I’m a very nervous person, afraid of every step, fear of failure and of wasting time.
I was shaking as hell the day I’ve handled my resignation letter. it was not the first one but was the last one. The one handled for a brand new challenge and not just to a new job offer. It was a letter to a life change. Was it the right decision? Should I stop and rethink all our plans?


Start and Stop
Well, start or try new things are always exciting. New job, place, toy, food, clothes and all. I’m the kind of person who always goes for the same. Why should I change what is good and working well to an uncertain and unknown?
Start a business in NZ is easy, get customers and confidence were the challenges here. I had many contacts, my work network is good but to get it started was killing me. Is it going to be a success?
Travel, the same. Where to go first and why? Should we stay longer? Should we skip this place? Will we like it? Does it have a good food? A place to stay? All together consumes me and changes my mood drastically.


This is a common one I believe and may be the hardest one depending on the way you live.
Before nomadic life, I always planned a career, grown and all. When we put our house on the market and quit the job, things got serious. Will we have enough? How much is enough? Will we be happy with the enough we get? What options do we have in case of failure? When to stop?


Being Lonely
I like to talk, a lot. I need to be close to people, need to talk, need someone to listen and be listened, ask how was your/my day and weekend or simply sit and have a coffee together.


Are they going to be alright? Are they happy? Healthy and Safe? Are they lonely? That one drives all the others. If they are not well, it puts you in a position where you probably have to review and see if all that you are doing is worth continue.


I don’t have an answer or solution for none of my fears and I think it supposed to be like that, after all, that’s what makes me be what I’m today.


Do you have a tip for me here? Do you have the same fears? What others fears do you have?

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