JAPAN – the complete guide for families with kids

A comprehensive Japan guide for families planning a trip to one of the most fantastic countries in the world!

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Japan is a small, yet fascinating Asian country. Despite that, there is a lot to see and do.

It’s one of the most populous countries in the world, and yet, the people have a high life expectancy and quality of life. It’s a highly developed country, and its technological side is a huge plus for travelers.

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The great transport system works wonders, is highly reliable, efficient, and being so, it’s fantastic to travel all around the country.

The historical parts, with its temples and nature, are also a great attraction. I mean, who hasn’t heard of Kyoto’s temples and geisha and the onsen (hot pools)? Or, well, ninja?
And, of course, the neon lights, the high-tech, the crazy busy part of the country, so alive, so interesting!

Safety is not a problem, and the food is great, which makes it a perfect place for a holiday.
Except, well, for hurricanes and earthquakes, quite common in the area. It just couldn’t be perfect, now, could it?



Nara is famous because of the Deer Park and the giant Buddha statue. It is, though, a lot more than that! A walk around town will show you that!

In Nara, where we roamed around temples and deer and school kids and monks and actual tourists like us. It was one great day out.

And the food, well, there’s a lot we can say about it and you’ll find 2 posts I’ve written just about the food. Who doesn’t love Japanese food? And it’s just so different from what we get in Japanese restaurants all over the world! Did you know that sushi is an expensive food, that’s consumed mostly in celebrations, funerals, and special dates? Well, now you do.

It can, though, be a bit confusing for Westerners, as things are quite different: trash needs to be apart from recycling, and even recyclables are different: paper, cardboard, plastic types, aluminum, other materials, they should all go into different bags. You shouldn’t eat while walking, nor talk inside trains and buses. Toilets are also a bit different. How about Point Cards? Every little store and restaurant have them – and they’re just so useful! Not if you don’t plan on returning, though.

The kids tend to love all the anime and manga related stuff (from shops, cafés, restaurants, to theme parks), and the amazing theme parks.
And also all things related to robots, which are everywhere in Japan.

We’ve lived there for 2 years, my dad lives there, and we love it, so we go back as often as we can.

It is one of our favorite places in the world!

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Below is the guide to all things Japan on the blog!

Vacation Planning and Tips

Especially for those planning a trip to Japan, with everything you need to it!

To and from Japan

Airline reviews to and from Japan that we’ve used



Eating and Shopping

Food is a big part of every travel, and Japan is great for it! Japanese food beyond sushi and sashimi – know it all! OK, so we’re not big shoppers, but we’re big eaters.

Tokyo area

Tokyo is the most populous and famous city in Japan, It’s fascinating and it has it all, from temples to neon lights. It’s sure to satisfy everyone!


Yokohama was new to us, and we fell in love with it! What a stunning place!


Osaka is another one of the big cities in Japan, but it’s located in Kansai area. Osaka food is one of the best in the whole world!


Nara is one perfect day-trip from Osaka or Kyoto: close enough for a regular train trip. It’s beautiful and seriously worth a visit!


Nagoya is a big city, but we had a reason to visit it: Satsuki and Mei (from the movie My Neighbor Totoro) and their house. Well, we had a blast!


Mie is an unknown destination. It’s in the countryside and incredible! Ninjas, anyone?

Theme and Amusement Parks

Theme parks are everywhere in Japan. There is at least one in each city and there is sure one for every family!

Incredible Museums for families

Museums aren’t very different around the world, but these three below are. Make sure you visit them as they are worth it! They’re great for those who have kids and those who don’t!

From Angelo and Thais, the parents

From the kids

The kids wrote quite a lot about Japan. It is, after all, one of their favorite countries in the world. Choose one and travel with them!