Uruguay – by Melissa

It’s not a very nice feeling when you sit down and start writing and half way through, your legs get the pins and needles… Honestly, not nice…

Anyway, let’s start this post now….

Okay, I’ll admit it, Uruguay is quite pretty indeed.
In some places, there are these really old buildings, but in some places, you are teleported back to the modern world. Quite a mix.

montevideo uruguay

All around Uruguay, there are these spray painted things.

But then again all the cities are quite alike, I mean, we’ve only been to Montevideo and Colonia but they were like, sooooooooo similar.

So one thing is really annoying me right now. The weather in Montevideo is strange, one day it’s really hot the other it’s really cold.

I don’t get it!

In Colonia, every day was hot, every single day.
That meant we only got out of the house in the afternoon when the sun was less burning.
And then once here in Montevideo, there was like this thunderstorm and mom said the building was shaking, pretty terrifying.

montevideo uruguay

Walking around.. exploring Montevideo.

We arrived in Montevideo all tired, with our backpacks on our backs we went to….. Eat… In the middle of the mall, with our huge backpacks, we went to eat. Then we took a bus and went home. Nice story isn’t it???

The next day few days we went to explore a little more, also finding out how much faster it is to walk when your not wearing a backpack. Massive time difference.

There’s a lot of dulce de leche. I like it but Joao doesn’t, I’m not sure how he actually survives anymore.

We found many dead moths, I only just realized how depressing that is…

Montevideo Uruguay

I for some reason love this photo I took running around.

We ate very good meat at the Port Market (Mercado del Puerto), It was really good the first time so we went again. Nice food guys, it’s nice food.

We honestly didn’t get many good restaurants here in Uruguay. I am slightly disappointed.

We also went to the Feria De Tristán Narvaja. This HUGE market, which takes up what feels like the whole city. We didn’t manage to look through everything because it was just too much! The sun didn’t help either. (OMG SUN! You could’ve helped!!)
But you get it, it’s a huge market, with everything you could possibly even think of. (Except unicorns…)

From Montevideo to Colonia, we traveled by bus. I would tell you more about it but I only slept and suffered the cold of the bus.

In Colonia, we spent many of our afternoons watching the sunset, which after the first night started getting annoying.
We did a lot of just walking around the city. We found an old abandoned rail, ate all the ice creams in the city, all sorts of different types and sizes.

Mom, Coral, and the boys spent all their time taking over Pokemon gyms.

Dad, José, and I went up to the top of the lighthouse because Coral couldn’t come. It’s not a good view from up there, not at all. All you can see is the ugly roof of the houses or the brown water. Nothing too amusing.

colonia del sacramento lighthouse

View from the lighthouse.

All the houses around here are colorful and bright.

We also rented a golf cart for a day. It was very fun, even if the car was super noisy.

Back here in Montevideo, we tried Mate. It wasn’t good at all, I mean, Coral and José liked it but they’re kinda weird. If you like mate, good on you. 

Oh god I just remembered the taste.. *shivers*

We also went to a place where mom got iced tea and it comes in this very cute little jug, and then there’s a cup with ice inside. You pour the hot tea into the cup with ice and it’s very cute. The jug which has the hot tea inside has this little scarf, very neat.

There are many people riding bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, etc. I feel like we are gonna be run over every day.

sunset montevideo uruguay

The sunset view out my window.

There were many days where we just stayed home, which were also very nice days.

When the wind hits and if you are by the beach, the sand hits your legs and it’s a terrible pain. Not something very cool.

It’s carnival season in Uruguay, so last night I slept to the sound of drumming and music. I mean, not the best thing to sleeping too.

Okaaaaay, let’s finish this post, I can’t think of anything else.
Hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to Message, Comment your opinions and if you have any questions make sure to ask!! I will do my very best to reply!

Thanks for reading this post, See you next time!
Would you like visit Uruguay one day?

the end colonia uruguay

It’s the end guys. the end.

Bye Bye~
Love Melissa

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  1. Tatiana Saito
    Tatiana Saito says:

    Ai, Mel, eu dou muita risada com seu post! Parece que você não curtiu muito o Uruguai…

    Nós vamos cruzar o Uruguai de bicicleta no inverno, partindo do Chuí e indo até Colonia Del Sacramento. Vai estar um friozão, vamos ver se a gente aguenta! AHahahahahah


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