Trick Art Museum, Tokyo, by Joao

tokyo trick art museum

The size illusion room

Hello, it’s Joao and today I’m doing a post on the Tokyo Trick Art Museum!
I really enjoyed it, so it’s gonna be good!
Ok, you enter by traveling back in time to the Edo period. It’s labeled the Edo area.
Note: most of it is in the Edo period.

tokyo trick art museum shark

Jose being eaten by a shark

It begins with a lady in a pink kimono. She may look 3D and all, but look from a different direction and she’s really chubby and has a really long arm! First, trick art at the door! Then there is a guy holding something I quite forgot…  Heh… Oh well… anyways…
There is a seat with some people sitting on it (art) and you can pretend that you sit down under a realistic umbrella painting. On the same wall, there is a lady in a gold colored kimono and she has her finger up, so the staff demonstrated some ideas for the trick art. She pretended that the lady in the gold kimono had grabbed her clothes and it looked real since she had lots of practice.

tokyo trick art museum vampire

The vampire’s going to have Joao for dinner

Note: after the demonstration, you can go the way you want. And you can take as many photos as you want.
Soon enough, you are in the Edo town area.
In this area, there is a sumo room, and a ninja mansion (pretty small one). The sumo area is a size confusion. On one side of the room a person gets bigger than their usual size, on the other, the person gets smaller. Coral went to the  big side and Jose went to the small side. Jose is 5 years older than Coral and yet Coral was the same size as Jose! Size confusion! In the ninja room, there are ninjas attacking you. You take photos so it looks like you’re attacking them, or you can run from them. You’re supposed to rotate the photos so it looks better. In the town itself, there is a mirror which you are been attacked by kappas (Japanese water demons) and there is a mirror so you reflect half of your body. I looked really weird and spooky!!! And keep walking and you will find the “strange tearoom” as it’s named. There are two identical rooms in which one person enters in each room, (more people can enter if they want) and you’re supposed to act like it’s a mirror, a strange one, that is. So the photo looks like a possessed mirror. I did it with dad, Melissa with Coral, and Jose with mom.

tokyo trick art museum head

Jose’s a magician and he made Joao’s head appear inside the box!

Then there is a secret (not so secret) entrance to the haunted mansion with funny Japanese monsters (it’s not spooky). Before you enter, there is an umbrella monster (kasa-obake). You’re supposed to act like you’re carrying it on your back. Then, you enter. There is a ghost which is here to invite you by escaping a scroll. You can accept, or run. Muahahahaha!!!!!  If you keep going, there is a bunch of other Japanese monsters including having sake with Nuppepo and the three eyed monk, a bloody hand through the wall, a long neck demon (rokurobi) ,a Japanese wheel monster (wanyudo), another kasa-obake, a Japanese ogre spider (orōgumo) and a Japanese lamp monster (chōchin-obake).

tokyo trick art museum umbrela

Joao pulling the leg of the umbrela monster

Whew, that was a lot. Ok, last part. The trick art gallery, the part with way too much. Let’s start with a shark painting which you lie down on the floor and act like you’re falling, and rotate the photo. Really realistic! One of my favorites was the Vampire’s meal. It’s like you sit in a jar and the Vampire’s about to eat you. Really cool. A really adorable one was the Polar bear piggyback. Melissa did this one and it was so cute!!!!! There was a gorilla which looks like he’s grabbing you! Watch out! There was a table with mirrors and a box on top so it would reflect the walls and you get in the box and it looks like there is only your head. Spooky…There was a remix of the source, which had a guy in front with his glass out to get some water from the source. I thought this one was more for admiring then posing with the painting. There was another painting  remix which I’ve quite forgotten, and a bunch of others. In The end at the store, there was a trick on the floor. It looked like there was money on the floor(1000¥) and I fell for it…

tokyo trick art museum dinosaur

Can you see the dinosaur reflected on the aluminium?

Thank you for reading because this will be the end of the post. If you enjoyed please leave a like and a comment and I’ll see you next time!!

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  1. Tatiana Saito
    Tatiana Saito says:

    Nossa, esse museu parece ser bem legal!! Quero ver as fotos da luta com o samurai, não entendi bem como funciona!!



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