The 2 best things we brought

toys attached to the wall

Blutack sticking toys to the wall

While traveling, it’s always best to carry things that are multifunctional, right? It’s been one thing on my mind constantly – before we started the journey and now, every time we pack.
Not everything can have more than one function: I mean, what else can a nail clipper do? (in time, I’ve seen people use it to cut strings, but I do it with my hands, so….)

The best things we brought on this trip with kids

We did consciously choose whatever we could that would be useful in more than one way, but there are 2 things that we brought just because I wanted to and they have proven to be extra useful: BLUTACK and COCONUT OIL.

Coconut oil

Coconut Oil is super useful, we all know. Also, it’s healthy. We brought it because I drink it with my tea in the mornings. Try it, it’s super good.
But I also use it as:
– moisturizer. I love it. I like to take it to the shower and put it all over my face and body and rinse nicely. It’s super moisturizing and the rinsing takes off the greasy feel.
– hair cream. I can’t believe it took me so long to try it. I saturate my hair with it and leave for a few hours. After that, wash as usual and we get super shiny and soft hair.
– oil in any recipe. It works perfectly for sweets, but it also works well to cook. It does leave some taste and smell, though.
– toothpaste. I love it but the kids hate it. Just don’t put your toothbrush inside the jar of coconut oil. Instead, take a teaspoon of oil and dab your toothbrush in it. Use the rest to moisturize your hands, or the tips of your hair, the area around your eyes….

blutack iphone

Blutack working as phone holder


Blutack was brought because we thought it might be useful for something (like putting the kids’ art on the walls without damaging either), and we had it so we brought it. It’s proven to be just so useful I can’t imagine not having it now. So far we’ve used it as:
– blutack, to stick things on the walls, as planned.
– safety. In one of the houses we rented, they had this glass table that was broken on one corner. We couldn’t move it and it was really close to the sofa. I could see the kids’ bleeding feet every time I looked at that chipped table. All we had to do was make a ball of blutack and stick it on the broken corner. It didn’t look good, but I’m glad to announce that nobody got hurt during our stay.
– play dough. It’s not as soft, BUT it’s a lot easier to carry as it doesn’t need cases, it doesn’t dry up and it isn’t oily or leave oil/color stains. Plus, it doesn’t stick to clothes, your nails, your hair. Just love it.
– as a phone stand. Really. Just make a ball, place it on the table, make a space on it for your phone and there you go. It works even in the car.
– as a door stopper. Works perfectly. Just put the ball of Blutack there and voi là.
– to keep keys where little hands can’t reach (and consequently, lose).

Two things everyone who travels with kids should take on vacation! Click to read!

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  1. Tatiana Saito
    Tatiana Saito says:

    Tô lavando o cabelo só com sabão de coco e tem ficado ótimo. Só 4 ingredientes e é bem baratinho. Não uso condicionador nem nada e tem ficado ótimo. Mas continuo usando óleo/hidratante para o rosto e o corpo. Assim que meu estoque (gigante) acabar, vou usar óleo de coco.

    Agora, pra escovar os dentes, não sei se tenho coragem….

    E nunca tinha ouvido falar desse trem bluetack. Traz pro Brasil! 🙂

    • Thais Saito
      Thais Saito says:

      O único problema do sabão de coco é que só se encontra no Brasil. Ele é muito útil, dá pra usar pra tudo, mesmo, desde banho, lavar louça, roupa, limpar casa….

      Boa ideia, vou comprar um monte de blutack pra dar de lembrancinha. 😛


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  1. […] I’ve written about it before and I still love it. We use it as play dough, to stick stuff around, to make phone/camera holders (great for making stop motion or any kind of video, really), and they’re super small. We had to throw some away because they stick to hair, fur, dust, and whatever else there is on the surface you’re using, so know that it doesn’t last forever. It does, however, last for way longer than commercial play dough. […]

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