Te Puia, by Jose

A visit to Te Puia (Rotorua, NZ) narrated by José (9 year old). Click to read it!

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Te Puia is a village of māoris. It smells pretty bad (due to the sulfur) but it’s worth going there, let me tell you why:

1- the famous Pohutu Geyser.

You can watch the Pohutu Geyser erupt, it is amazing! (You might get a little sprinkled with cold water) and you can take as many photos as you like, and there’s also a bunch of mini geysers around the Pohutu Geyser, the mini ones just keep spitting lots of water,

2- kiwis.

Inside Te Puia there’s a little area with kiwis, they don’t want you to take photos but it’s still really cool to see kiwis,


pohutu geyser

Pohutu Geyser


3- carving school.

You are not allowed to go in there and start carving but you can watch the students make beautiful carvings.

4- weaving school (art with flax)

This is just like the carving school but it’s not carving on wood it’s making art with flax.


carving school

Students working at Carving School


5- shows.

There is a show that my family went to and it is AWESOME!! One of the things my mom was really impressed about was that they were shaking their hands and then one of their hands stopped shaking but the other hand was still shaking, I was impressed by the fact that they were passing sticks to each other and they didn’t drop any sticks,  and in the end you can take photos with the people in the show,

6- tours

There are tours which show you around most of the village. You don’t have to take a tour to look around the entire village but the tour teaches you a bit of word in Maori, its cool.

7- so much history around the village.

You can learn a lot of things that happened in the past with the māoris, mostly all the signs in the village have a history (Except the staff only signs of course) so if you’re interested in history Te Puia is a good place to go.

māori show

The māori stick game

If you ever go to Te Puia I wish you good luck.


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