Salvador – by José

Hello, and welcome to my post about Salvador BA (Bahia). Hope you like it.


Pelourinho, mom and Coral

We went to Bahia by airplane, the plane trip took 2 hours, and the airport in Bahia was really small, smaller than the airport in Guarulhos, then my dad rented a car for us, but the van took so long to get us to the car my dad rented, but everything was fine after that, our dad drove us to the apartment he rented, the apartment was right in front of the Farol da Barra and the view was beautiful, then we got to the apartment and left our stuff inside the apartment and we went to have lunch and explore the city.

See how the water is beautiful.

Farol da Barra beach

Coral playing by the beach at Farol da Barra

But when we were going to explore the city there were so many people selling stuff and not letting us go away.

The road was filled with people selling stuff, filled with ordinary people, and filled with decoration lights which don’t turn on, and the sea was so beautiful.

And we also went to walk on the beach, and the sand was so soft, we also put our feet in the water and the water was really cold.

projeto tamar

A fake Sea Turtle in Projeto Tamar

Then it was getting dark so we returned to our apartment, it was fun meeting the city, then we went to sleep.

We also met the elevator Lacerda, the first elevator for public transport, it costs 15 cents per person, it was really cheap.

elevador lacerda

Elevador Lacerda, in Salvador

Beautiful isn’t it?

And before we went to the elevator we ate ice cream at a Cubana ice cream, it was really good.

And at the bottom of the elevator, there is a municipal market filled with shops, it was really cool, and we also bought a little magnet that makes a bunch of noise, and we also went to Projeto Tamar.

Projeto Tamar is a place where they take care of turtles, it’s kind of an aquarium, there’s a bunch of turtles, even baby turtles, they’re so cute.

Those are fake turtles, sadly, haha.

projeto tamar

Projeto Tamar, Sea Turtle project

And after Projeto Tamar we went to explore more of what was under the Elevador Lacerda, we walked so far away from the elevator, and I and my grandma drank lemonade with coconut, it was really good.

We also ate tapioca.

And I forgot to tell you that we went to walk every day.

It was our last day at Bahia and we had nothing to do, so we went to the beach! The fluffy sand, swimming in the water, it was fun staying at Bahia.

Bye, Bahia!!!

Farol da Barra

Farol da Barra at night

That was my post for today, please leave a comment! Bye!!

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  1. Tatiana Saito
    Tatiana Saito says:

    A Mel falou que era quente pra chuchu. Você também notou isso, Zeca?

    Já fui pra Bahia 3 vezes, mas nunca fui pra Salvador. E nem está nos planos porque tem tantos lugares que eu quero ir, que fica dificil encaixar um local que já fui tantas vezes! HAhahaahahahha


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