Project Tamar, by João

Hey it’s João and today we’re doing a post on Project Tamar Salvador-BA.
Project Tamar is a save the sea turtles project located in plenty of bases in Brazil.

sea turtle

A sea turtle in the pool

I liked this because I like animals in general.
But sea turtles. Yeah, a bit too cool for me.

If only you could touch the turtles. But you can touch a stingray, which is very cool. Even though the water in the touch tank is a tiiiny bit slimy, it’s still awesome.

sea turtles

More turtles…

I especially liked the baby turtles tank. They were so freakin’ adorable!!! The day we went it was soooooo full that we had to wait for a van so you can go to the town where Project Tamar is. Then you pay to enter and surprisingly it was kind of empty. There was a thing called the Yellow Submarine which it said you go to meet the creatures of the deep.

But we didn’t go because I was the only one who wanted to go. Which was definitely sad.

There was a shark tank and we went to watch the feeding session and you could pat the shark. When it was my turn, the shark went away. And I didn’t get to touch it. This day had really bad luck for me.

sea turtles

And more turtles…

There were fish, shark, and turtle tanks, so it’s not only a save the sea turtles project.

It’s a save the sea turtle’s environment project. Haha. I loved the part on the shark tank in which you can see under the water. There were so many fishes there.

The shark was so huge that is was bigger then dad if the shark stood up. I know plenty of sharks can be that big but they’re like the Great White Shark, or the Whale Shark (the whale shark is a shark, not a whale. A filter-feeding shark to be precise.), the Hammerhead Shark, etc etc. but who knew a carpet shark was that big? I sure didn’t.

baby sea turtles

The baby turtles!

1 Quiz: Is a Hammerhead shark a herbivore or carnivore? Difficulty, Extremely easy.

I’ve decided to do quizzes on my posts in order to make it a bit more fun, but please don’t look it up or something. I will tell you on the end of the post so, enjoy!

2 Quiz: What is the world’s biggest sea turtle? Difficulty, easy.

Both of these are easy, and most people know. I will make quizzes harder in the future so, watch out.



The shark…

There were huge stingrays in the shark tank, and one of them kept splashing water everywhere for food. There were two sharks, and one of them was hungry and the other one wasn’t. So in the end, I didn’t get to touch it. One bit.

We also watched them feeding the turtles, which was kind of funny, kind of sad because one of the turtles would swim to get the food, but one crosses its way. Another piece of food crossed out again. In the end, one of the staff had to give the food directly to the mouth of the turtle after the feeding was ending.


Under the water….

It was funny because the turtles would climb one on top of each other, under, cross legs, all to try and get the food. It was like watching the clowns chase the ball or something.

Sadly there were no Leatherback turtles there, which I thought was sad. There was a sign filled with Leatherback information, right beside one of the tanks, but there were no Leatherbacks. The were baby Leatherbacks, but no gigantic awesome adults. Something I forgot to say is about a White Turtle I feel we’re not supposed to know about. There was a flax wall and we looked over it and found it. White, small, adorable. Those ones they don’t release back to the ocean. You know why? Because the predators think they’re too easy to kill. Very sad but true story.

sea turtles

Feeding time, turtles!

3 Quiz: which of the following things do Leatherback turtles eat?

A: Seaweed.

B: Jellyfish.

C: Sharks.

Difficulty, Medium.

If you enjoyed this post be sure to leave a like and a comment and wait a minute. I still need to tell you the answers. Right.

1: The Hammerhead Shark is a carnivore.

2: The world’s biggest sea turtle is the Leatherback.

3: B: Jellyfish. It may seem unlikely for such a big thing to eat tiny jellyfishes, but it does.

sea turtles

The cute turtles fighting for food

Ok, now that’s done with. If you enjoyed this post be sure to leave a like and a comment and I’ll see you next time! Bye!


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  1. Tatiana Saito
    Tatiana Saito says:

    Juca, a gente precisa carregar uma tartaruga de couro quando for pra praia!! Assim não restarão águas vivas pra ficar nos queimando! Ahahahahahaha

    Pô, e que dia de bosta que você teve, hein??




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