Plans for South America

We were supposed to get to Brazil and keep checking out airfare, accommodation and all other little details for our South American trip. But we got sick, we traveled, we spent loads of time with beloved people and we kind of forgot about it (or more accurately, decided not to think about it). You can see all of our happy photos on Instagram!

airport kids

Soon enough we’ll be off again!

But then, one day, I decided I’d check the airfares and got really excited. So many places, so many options, and I wanted to do them all. I marked all the places in our MUST VISIT list and started with them. Turns out my excitement is contagious and Angelo soon started helping out. He found way better prices than I did and we booked all the way to June.

We haven’t got everything figured out yet, just the tickets. We’ll figure them out one step at a time.

So we’ll go to

We’ll stay for around a month in each place, we’ll take it easy and spend a whole month in one single place or we’ll change cities every week, everything is unknown for now.

In Uruguay, we’ll spend some time in Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento. We wanted to visit Punta del Leste BUT it’s so freaking expensive in January it can’t be done. We’ll probably go check it out on a day trip sometime. At least Uruguay is a small country, so it doesn’t take long going from one place to another. We probably should’ve left Uruguay to March or April when the high season’s over but we made this mistake of buying the tickets BEFORE checking out accommodation. Silly and won’t be done again, well, not after June, anyways.

But I’ve always wanted to go to Uruguay, so I’m happy we’re going.
If you’ve ver been to any of the countries I’ve mentioned above, don’t hesitate to leave your recommendations!

I’ve started looking for Chile and it’s a pity it’s so difficult to go from one part of it to the other. It’s a long and narrow country, and there’s Patagonia on the South and Atacama in the North. There’s even Easter Island. I think we’ll stick to Santiago, Valparaiso, and the central region for this time, but it’s not decided yet.

In Bolivia, I want to see the Salar de Uyuni. We’re spending some time in La Paz, and I also want to see Lake Titikaka.

For Peru, Lake Titikaka (just found out it’s in Peru too!), Machu Pichu – I wonder if kids manage it and Cuzco.


I got really excited while writing this post! 

Colombia, I think I could spend a year there… It all looks so beautiful! The colorful streets of Cartagena make the top of my list.

It’s crazy to know that I spent 20 years living in Brazil and know so little about our neighbors. It’s never too late, as long as we live, so here we go!

Better learn some Spanish!

If you know anything about any of these places, let us know!

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  1. Tatiana Saito
    Tatiana Saito says:

    Eu amei Valparaíso. Aqueles “ascensores” muito loucos para subir o morro e tal. Uma dica: tem mapa de ascensores. Uns são pagos e outros são grátis. Se você quiser turistar, pegue o pago, que te leva a lugares com comércio. Os grátis levam somente a residências. A gente rodou muito de noite pra ter q descer de escada e achar um restaurante lá embaixo mesmo! HAhahaahahahah!

    Ah, no Chile dá pra esquiar. Obviamente que não nessa época. Mas dizem que a patagônia por agora é simplesmente maravilhosa!


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