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Deciding where our next stops will be is probably the most difficult things we have to do. Along with what to leave out, of course.

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We have been to 3 places only (Tongariro National Park Village, Auckland, and Mount Maunganui). We still have the whole world to see!

Our 2 first overseas stops had been decided since we started building our plans: Brazil and Japan. Both cases because of the family. My dad’s in Japan and all the rest of the family and majority of friends is in Brazil.

Before we go abroad, we’re going next to Wellington (NZ) and then the South Island (still NZ).

We’ll be back in Auckland during August, to rest a little before we go away to our first international stop.

We finally bought our tickets, our 2 first stops, to September (Japan) and October (Brazil).

We’re spending a month in Japan and some yet-to-be-defined period in Brazil.

In Japan, we want to see Tokyo (Disneyland and Sea, Ghibli Museum, and real life Tokyo), Osaka (eat, I want to eat. The kids want to see the Aquarium and Universal Studios), Kyoto (maybe spend a night at a Ryokan, visit the amazing temples and the pretty gardens), Nara (the deer park, of course), and Suzuka, where my dad is. We might go to Hiroshima or Nagasaki and talk about war with the kids, or go to Hokkaido and see a Japanese milk farm or the tulip plantations. Or Okinawa and its star sand beaches. Joao wants to have a ninja experience.

We want to travel through the Americas slowly, and if we could, we’d visit all the countries there. Some part of me thought that maybe we could, but since we started traveling, I understood it’s not gonna be possible or it would take us around 5 years to see South America only.

In Brazil, we are still unsure. There’s a lot we want to do, but the political situation is not ideal and, to be really honest, we’re kind of scared of what’s gonna happen next. I’d love to take the kids to see Sao Paulo city, Minas Gerais and its amazing food, Bonito with the rivers, all of the Brazilian forests, Rio and Christ the Redeemer, Fernando de Noronha, Bahia, Goias and a lot more. But we’d have to spend at least a few months there to see just what I’ve listed. We’re still waiting to see how long we’re staying.

We’d love to hear your experiences in these countries! Let us know if you have any tips and recommendations!

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  1. Tatiana Saito
    Tatiana Saito says:

    Minas, Bonito e Rio são perto de São Paulo, tranquilo ir de carro, como vocês querem. Os próximos são mais distantes mas, exceto Fernando de Noronha, todos são possíveis de carro.

    Não acho que a situação política vá mudar, viu… Vai se tornar a mesma merda que era na época FHC… Achismo meu.

    Separe uns dias pra viajar comigo, hein?


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