Jose’s top 10 on this trip

Welcome to my post about the TOP 10 things about our trip so far

No.1 Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney Sea is a park where all your dreams come true (says Walt Disney). We have been to Disney Sea before but I forgot absolutely everything, so I wanted to regain some memories, and it was really fun.

No.2 seals

In New Zealand, at the South Island, there were so many seals, they were so cute! It makes me want to hug one, there was also a waterfall filled with a bunch of baby seals.

kaikoura fur seal

Kaikoura’s fur seal, by José

No.3 Japanese food and sweets

Japan, your food is really good, all those sushi and ramen, really good, we do try a lot of Japanese restaurants just they are never as good, and your sweets, all those sweets, they are really good, and when we were leaving Japan to Brazil, we bought a lot of your sweets for the flight.

sushi gummy

Sushi shaped gummy in Japan

No.4 Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios is like the same thing as Disney just instead of Disney attractions, Universal attractions. The only bad thing was that we went at the halloween times so it was a little creepy because there were zombies, fake ones of course.

hogwarts universal japan

Hogwarts Castle, by José

No.5 Trick Art Museum,

Trick Art Museum was really cool, it was only drawings but the drawings looked like they weren’t drawings!

tokyo trick art museum

Doesn’t that look realistic?? – by José

No.6 Whale Watch Kaikoura

Whale Watch Kaikoura is something which you see whales,  I was scared at first because I have sea sickness, but it was still really fun!!!!!!  You can see whales, albatrosses, and dolphins, it was usually 1-2 whales per boat, but we were lucky and we got to see three whales,

No.7 Japan train station

It wasn’t really fun in the train filled with people, but it was still a new experience, and can you believe it? In the first house we lived at, in Shinjuku, Shinjuku Station is the station with most people in the world??

No.8 Nara Park

Nara park is a park which is filled with deer, and we bought senbei for the deer! (Senbei are Japanese cookies)

They were so cute!!

No.9 chairlift

In New Zealand there is a chairlift that we went to, I was kind of scared at first, but once I tried it, it was really fun!

And at the end of the chairlift there was the New Zealand’s highest café, and we ate there.

No.10  Pokemon Mega Centre Tokyo

In Tokyo, there is a Pokemon Mega Centre, it’s a store which sells a bunch of Pokemon stuff, and I LOVE Pokemon.

And I bought a little Keychain of Leafeon.

And that was my post for today, hope you liked it!


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