Jose’s favorite things in Japan

A 9-year-old tells his favorite things from his trip to Japan.

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Welcome to my post about what I liked most about Japan, hope you liked it 😜😝😛



1• Universal Studios Japan

I really wanted to go to Universal, and then we actually went!! I was so happy, even though it wasn’t as fun as how I thought it would be because it was filled with zombies, but it was still really fun.

2• Gudetama Cafe

My mom mostly liked the Gudetama Cafe, but I also like Gudetama, oh and if you’re wondering what Gudetama is then let me show you:

3• Capsule Machines

In Japan, there are so many capsule machines, if you are wondering what is a capsule machine I’ll tell you: capsule machines are machines which you insert a coin, you spin the little wheel and then your prize comes out! In one of the capsule machines I got a Gudetama:

gudetama gatcha toy

Gudetama raw egg version


4• Vending Machines

In Japan streets, there are a bunch of vending machines. The vending machine is machines which you insert a coin and then you select a  drink from the vending machine and your drink comes out.

5• 100 yen stores

In Japan, there are a bunch of 100 yen stores like Daiso. I love 100 yen stores because it’s very cheap.

6• Pokemon mega store Tokyo

I love Pokemon so why wouldn’t I love a mega center of Pokemon!!!! And my favorite thing about Pokemon is the Pokemon cards

7• Japan sweets

Japan has a lot of sweets, for example, this:

gummy sushi

Gummy sushi

It was good!!

There also is the very tasty mochi. Mochis are flavored cream covered with mashed rice.

8• Yakiniku

Yakiniku is a buffet of meat, and at every table, there are two or one barbecues, there is also sauces, and all the food is good because you can choose when to take it out of the barbecue.


Yakiniku: Japanese barbecue




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