Itanhaém & Peruíbe, São Paulo, Brazil

We spent a lot of our time in Brazil in Itanhaem and Peruibe. Thanks to my great-uncle Nelson, who owns a house there, we were able to stay rent-free. He even brought us food and fresh coconut so I’d have coconut water every day. So, thank you loads, uncle.

itanhaem beach

At the beach in Itanhaem – it was a nice day until a swarm of bees started attacking us

Itanhaém is a small beach town on São Paulo’s southern coast. It’s not a fancy one, but you can find everything there.
I loved staying there because the house was good-sized to fit all the family, it has 2 toilets (it IS super important) and, well, it has a pool.

itanhaem central square

This was the old jail, right in Itanhaem central square

I loved the restaurant called Tia Lena. Their fish dishes were delicious, I’ve never had anything there that didn’t taste delicious. Their chilly sauce, though, tends to vary from super hot to a mild so beware.
Another good option to eat at is the Japanese restaurant Asahi. Simple, but really well-made pay-per-kilo buffet restaurant. It was great because when half of the family was super hungry and the rest wasn’t, each person could get exactly what they wanted.

itanhaem brazil

Just by the parking lot of the restaurant Asahi, I loved it there!

But what I loved most about it was the little colorful town center. Always full of life, and with plenty of options to eat and shop. We used to spend some time at the square because there were 5 Pokéstops that could be reached if you chose a good spot.
The beach is just a few blocks away, and it’s also a good place to ride a bike (they even rent them).
We went to see Nossa Senhora da Conceição Convent. We’re not religious, but we loved the view from up there (and it’s a Pokéstop). It’s a hill, and it’s a cobbled street, but it’s easy to climb.

itanhaem town center

The town center as seen from the convent – I loved the colors!

Another outing we did was visit the native indigenous tribe of Rio Branco there. They’re open to visits, but it’s a difficult road and they live a very simple life. They sell fruits and craft there too.

indigenous craft

The craft from Rio Branco tribe – there was so much more!

During summer holidays, they set up 2 amusement parks in Peruíbe (a short drive away). There’s another square full of life, shops, and restaurants. We used to spend the day in Itanhaém and go to Peruíbe in the evenings. Even though the amusement park is small, we had lots of fun there.

sunset peruibe

This amazing sunset happened in Peruibe

The beaches in Peruíbe are a little cleaner than the ones in Itanhaém, and we had lots of fun there. It’s nice on the low and high tide, so anytime is good. Peruíbe has a neater vibe than Itanhaém, but I liked Itanhaém’s center best.

There are a few problems, of course. Mosquitos and cockroaches come to life when it’s hot. Take enough insect repellent and you should be fine.

Oh and thunderstorms! So many of them, I’ve never seen that many flashes of lightning anywhere in the world before. This can be a fun thing for those who enjoy this kinda thing and it can be horrifying for those scared of it. Just avoid going to the beach when it’s raining and you should be fine.

Itanhaém and Peruíbe in the video!

If your budget is tight, Itanhaém and Peruíbe are low-cost places to be, and it offers a lot even though it’s not the best beach ever.

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