Interview with the Kids – the kids’ view on long term travel

Have you ever wanted to know what the kids think about traveling long term? Long car trips? The relationship with the family? Well, find it all out here!

Today we’re putting out the first video of the interview with the kids. We divided the questions into 3 videos because of the length mostly, so here it is!

You can watch it on the little video Angelo made or you can skip the video and stick to the transcription just below it.

First video

Q1, Tanja: What did you learn or find out about yourself which you didn’t know before traveling?

  • Melissa: That I have much more energy than I thought I had, even if it’s just a little.
  • Joao: That would be the fact that I don’t like car trips. I used to think it would be exciting because I’d get to see lots of things, but it’s actually really boring, looking out the window for like, 5 hours.
  • Jose: I didn’t know I would be able to keep up with all the packing up.

Q2, Alexis: Is there one thing you never thought you would try but eventually did as part of your adventure?

  • Melissa: Nothing yet, but I do hope we’ll get to do some exciting new things.
  • Joao: Hiking, most likely definitely hiking. I never thought they were actually telling the truth. I thought they were always kidding.
  • Jose: Tongariro chairlift. I was too scared to go on that chairlift but when I went on it I found out that it was really fun.

Q3, Alexis: What country are you most looking forward to visiting?

  • Melissa: I think I wanna visit Paris or London. Both look so pretty and fun!
  • Joao: Greece, because I love Greek mythology and I’m really excited to go to places like the Parthenon, for example.
  • Jose: Japan, because I miss the noodles of there.

Q4, Alexis: What activity are you most looking forward to?

  • Melissa: I’m not sure, but I want to visit all the Disneys and Universals and I’m happy to do a lot of stuff. Just not haunted stuff and hiking and bungee jumping.
  • Joao: Going to Disney Sea Japan, because it’s Disney!
  • Jose: Disney Sea because we’ve been to Disneyland and we’ve also been to Disney World so I want to try Disney Sea.

Q5, Alexis: What advice will you give to kids who are afraid to leave where they are?

  • Melissa: Don’t be scared. I know it’s hard to leave your place but sometimes, it’s a risk you’re gonna have to take and when you take that risk, remember that there are many wonderful things to look forward to.
  • Joao: I would tell them there is a whole world to explore if they just get out of their house.
  • Jose: I guess that they’ll find new places that they might like.
  • We hope you enjoyed it! If you come out with any more questions, you can just leave a comment!

Second Video

Alexis: Do you feel much closer to your brother/sister now that you travel a lot? 

  • M. Not really.
  • J. Just a tiny itty bit. Haha.
  • Z. I feel closer to my sister because she isn’t staying in her room for that long these days.

Penélope: What would you have done differently and why?

  • M. At the start, before we started traveling, when we were packing, we tried rushing it a lot. I wish we didn’t rush it as much.
  • J. I think we would have walked less, and it’s a bit different. I don’t know why.
  • Z. I’d like to have taken a plane from Wellington to Picton because I feel really sick in boats.

Sharleen: What have you learnt about your family that you didn’t know before? 

  • M. That they’re totally different person when they’re traveling.
  • J. That they could make me do so much work! It’s incredible.
  • Z. I didn’t know that my family could help me and support me a lot.

Jasper: What event of the trip they like and hate the most and why? 

  • M. I hate the long car trips. They’re just annoying and I have motion sickness. I like that I get to see a lot of new places.
  • J. I hate the packing the most because we have to pack everything we just took out of our bags. I like the part you have to explore the new house and choose your room because I usually have to share a room with Jose so I choose a  big one.
  • Z. My favorite part about the trip was Whale Watch. It’s cool because we saw a few dusky dolphins and we also saw 3 whales and a few albatrosses, of course. It was really cool. Now the part that I least like was going on the Interisland’s boat. I really get sea sick so it isn’t really cool for me.

Bia: What’s the most boring part?

  • M. Long car trips and packing and packing and packing.
  • J. Take care of Coral.
  • Z. Tidy up the house.

The Third Video

Tatiana: What do you do to kill time during the drives?

  • Melissa: Sleep, eat and look out the window for what seems like a 100 years.
  • Joao: We wait, we eat chips, and we also eat lollies.
  • Jose: Play games with my friends and eat my lollies.

Tatiana: What’s the most irritating thing your parents and siblings do during the trip that you haven’t noticed before?

  • Melissa: Well, I honestly haven’t noticed a thing that irritates me just yet.
  • Joao: It’s really unfair that Coral gets everything. I know she’s a baby but I still think it’s annoying
  • Jose: My brother keeps putting his finger in his mouth.

Tatiana: What’s essential to take on a trip, what can’t you leave behind?

  • Melissa: Laptop and drawing stuff because I love them and that’s what I do with my life.
  • Joao: I think it’s clothes because I don’t want to wander around without clothes.
  • Jose: Jackets, because everywhere we’ve been, it’s been freezing cold.

Kelly: During this time on the road, what was the funniest thing that happened?

  • Melissa: Well, Coral was the funniest thing that ever happened. She makes everything funny everyday. 24/7.
  • Joao: It was this time in Queenstown when we tried to swim and there was snow on the mountains.
  • Jose: When we tried to swim but it was too cold so we didn’t manage to swim even a little.

Andrea, para Coral:

  • What’s your name? Coral Nina Damiao.
  • How old are you? I don’t know. 4.
  • How old is dad? Ahn, I don’t know.
  • How old is mom? I don’t know.
  • When is your birthday? Ahn…. at night.
  • What’s your favorite color? Pink.
  • What’s your favorite food? Pasta.
  • Who’s your best friend? Tiny Anna.
  • What’s your favorite cartoon? Little cat.
  • On Netflix? Yes.
  • What’s your favorite song? Butterfly.
  • Sing it! No.
  • Why? Because.
  • What’s your favorite animal? Bunny
  • What are you afraid of? Of… Crocodile.
  • What’s your favorite place to go? The beach.
  • What’s the place you don’t like going to? The…. Ahn…. the…. I never know.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Many hours.
  • What does mom like to do most? Mom, enough.
  • And what does dad like to do most? Mom, I’ve already said: enough.
  • Is it over then? Yes.

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7 replies
  1. Tatiana Saito
    Tatiana Saito says:

    Que legal! Agora consegui assistir. Muito legal! Só acho que o tempo que a pergunta aparece é bem curta, então eu preciso ler super fast pra conseguir acompanhar (e olha que eu faço leitura dinâmica!)! O sotaque do Zé tá demais, quase não entendo nadinha. Da Mel e do João foi tranquilo.

    Interessante que todos tenham gostado tanto da Disney. Vocês contaram pra eles do menino que foi levado pelo jacaré? Ahahahahahahah

    • Thais Saito
      Thais Saito says:

      A gente está contando que as pessoas pausem quando precisarem, senão ia ficar muito grande. 😛

      Sobre a Disney, o jacaré assustou, mas o medo não foi maior que a vontade.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    HI kids !! We really enjoyed your comments ! I think you kids are braver than many adults I’ve met – it’s great following your adventure

    • Thais Saito
      Thais Saito says:

      from: João.
      thank you, I don’t usually get that .
      well, following is a lot easier than doing, trust me, I know.


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