Interview with the kids, part 2

Today is the part 2 of the interview with the kids.

You can watch the video, read the transcription below or do both!

Alexis: Do you feel much closer to your brother/sister now that you travel a lot? 

M. Not really.

J. Just a tiny itty bit. Haha.

Z. I feel closer to my sister because she isn’t staying in her room for that long these days.

Penélope: What would you have done differently and why?

M. At the start, before we started traveling, when we were packing, we tried to rushing it a lot. I wish we didn’t rush it as much.

J. I think we would have walked less, and it’s a bit different. I don’t know why.

Z. I’d like to have taken a plane from Wellington to Picton because I feel really sick in boats.

Sharleen: What have you learnt about your family that you didn’t know before? 

M. That they’re totally different person when they’re traveling.

J. That they could make me do so much work! It’s incredible.

Z. I didn’t know that my family could help me and support me a lot.

Jasper: What event of the trip they like and hate the most and why? 

M. I hate the long car trips. They’re just annoying and I have motion sickness. I like that I get to see a lot of new places.

J. I hate the packing the most because we have to pack everything we just took out of our bags. I like the part you have to explore the new house and choose your room because I usually have to share a room with Jose so I choose a  big one.

Z. My favorite part about the trip was Whale Watch. It’s cool because we saw a few dusky dolphins and we also saw 3 whales and a few albatrosses, of course. It was really cool. Now the part that I least like was going on the Interisland’s boat. I really get sea sick so it isn’t really cool for me.

Bia: What’s the most boring part?

M. Long car trips and packing and packing and packing.

J. Take care of Coral.

Z. Tidy up the house.


If you missed part 1, you can see it here!
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We hope you enjoyed it.

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