How has my life on the road been? – by Melissa

My life on the road has been pretty eventful so far, there’s been series of ups and downs on this trip, but I think that it’s been going reasonably good.

christchurch nz

These are plastic sheep from Christchurch, New Zealand.

The hardest part for sure, was when we first left Auckland and started going around New Zealand. I think it’s because we were just starting, still didn’t really get this whole thing so well. But after a while, everything started getting easier and less stressful.

Like when we first left off, we found it a little hard to pack up our bags every week, but after a few times of doing it over and over again, we kinda got the hang of it.
Well, at least I got the hang of it, imagine if I still couldn’t do it after who knows how long traveling. 6 months?? I don’t really know how long, Hahahahaha!

I’ve only had one stress attack from packing my bag, I just couldn’t fit everything in, it was on the very first day we packed everything mine into my bag and had to leave everything else in the storage. It’s because before that we had an extra bag for the little stuff of ours which were like our drawing books and pencils, but when it came to packing everything in my bag it gave me a little stress…
That was the only time I had a stress over packing.

cananeia brazil

Boat ride in Cananeia, Brazil.

Our first time actually wearing our bags was to the airport on our way to Japan. All I can say is that it’s pretty awesome to walk around with a huge backpack on your bag, it kinda made me feel a little bit more powerful but it doesn’t really. It makes you a little more scared of turning around and knocking a person over.

Another time when we had to wear our bags for a longish amount of time was when we were going to ride the bullet train. It got really tiring then, but I got a little more used to it.

odaiba tokyo japan

Me and my friend cat, at Trick Art Museum, Japan.

In New Zealand, we got to experience many downs such as:
There were mice in two of the houses we stayed in, not just one mouse tho, it was like one per day.
Toilets outside of the house, in the freezing cold New Zealand, the toilet had to be outside.
Meeting many unusual bugs.

Some of the highlights about New Zealand were:
Stopping in the middle of nowhere and playing in the snow, even if it was just a little, we had fun.
Going whale watching and keep mistaking the whales for a pile of seaweed (#seaweedwhales).
Eating yummy cookies at the Cookie Time shop, in Queenstown, yummy~
Getting to see baby seals.

pelourinho salvador brazil

Colorful houses, Salvador, Brazil.

In Japan things were pretty easy, there wasn’t much stress at all. I actually really enjoy packing bags, I guess it’s because I get a little excited about traveling. I always get really excited about traveling, I also get excited when I have to go to a sleepover. I guess really anything which means I get to go anywhere out of my house for the night.

I love packing, and I also enjoy planning for the trip. Not like having to look up stuff to do but like writing down dates and timetables I find that really fun.
I’m kinda weird, yes I already know that. I have been told this news many times, embracing my inner weirdness here!

tokyo japan

Sky Tree, Japan.

Some bad little downers in Japan:
Not really understanding much.
Going to Ueno Zoo, it was just terrible, everything looked dead, it was awful.
Japan’s really, really, really, HOT.

In Japan, things were looking more on the good side than bad, so here, have some highlights of Japan:
Feeling the magical wonders of Ghibli Studios.
Exploring some old memories by going back to our favorite places, from when we lived in Japan.
Tricking at the Trick Art Museum.

sky tower auckland nz

The Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand.

In Brazil was when everything went out of order, we didn’t move house every week, didn’t have to pack every week. Our schedule went from travel to not normal life in seconds. We had to get used to the fact that there were other people in the house and that it wasn’t just us and our backpacks.

Brazil’s highlights:
Spending a lot of time with family we don’t really get to see so often.

The downers of Brazil:
I don’t really like meeting up with people.
Brazil’s SUPER hot.
I think we may have lost a little of our packing touch, hopefully, we haven’t completely forgotten it…

Oh well, we’re just gonna have to see what happens from here…. Let’s just finish this post here, its waaaaaay too hot to keep writing…

wellington nz

Welling~t~o~n~, New Zealand.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Feel free to Comment your opinions and if you have any questions make sure to ask!! I will do my very best to reply!
And don’t forget to tell me a place you’d love to go to in 2017??
Thanks for reading this post, See you next time!

Bye Bye~
Love Melissa


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  1. Penelope Brito
    Penelope Brito says:

    Gostei muito do texto, Mel… Bem sincero! Hoje estava me lembrando de você ao conversar com o Igor. Na verdade, vocês fazem parte de muitas de nossas conversas. Vou morrer de saudade da ausência de seu abraço! 😀 Beijão!


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