Hello, Brazil!

Even though all of us were born in Brazil (aside from Coral, she’s a hobbit), we hadn’t lived here for a long time. It’s all new to us, especially for the kids. But we’re collecting tips from all our friends here to get the most of our trip.

Last time we came, it was April 2014 and we spent a month doing nothing more than staying with our family and friends. We went out a few times, but we mostly stayed home, enjoyed home-cooked meals and loved people.

This time, we arrived in October 2016 and spent over a month doing nothing, which was great to rest and get used to the unstable climate. We were mostly ill, with colds, flu, asthma attacks and allergies. But now this is over.

We’re busy people until Christmas, thankfully. We really need something to write about. 😛

The weather was crazy: one day hot and humid, and the other day cold and rainy. We were really expecting it, but it was crazy. November came and it didn’t change, so we decided to go somewhere sunny and hot where we could enjoy a bit of a beach.

The beach along with hot sunny days give our bodies a boost of vitamin D and we feel healthier, which is always awesome.

We’ll have busy days ahead of us, trying to see everything we can.

For now, we’ve been to São Paulo, Salvador and Itanhaém. We’re off to Ilha Comprida soon and we hope to see somewhere else before we leave in January.

We’re staying at my mom’s so we’re saving money on that account BUT we’re spending a lot in food and fuel. Don’t blame me! Living abroad always makes me hungry for Brazilian food.

The Brazil series is starting now!

We hope you’ll like it.

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