GHIBLI STUDIOS – by Melissa (13)

We went here summer 2016.
Ghibli Studios, Japan.

Ghibli Museum Café

Straw hat café, the café in Ghibli Museum

First, no pictures were allowed to be taken within the museum, only outside so not many pictures.

We started our day normally, get up, get ready, etc.
Somewhere near midday, we leave for the train.
We may or may not have gotten a little lost at the train station…
We couldn’t find the way to the bus to Ghibli Studios. A guy asked if we needed help because we probably looked really lost.
We got there but couldn’t find out how the tickets for the bus worked.
We succeeded, so yay!

Then we finally arrived, it felt like years in that bus.
So, our plan was to arrive before our ticket time and go to the cafe, but apparently, you aren’t allowed to do that. So we had to chill at the park with the mosquitos, that wasn’t fun.

We go back to the museum and walk in. We go to the counter and the lady at the counter looked at Coral and said “oh, Kiki~chan!” and points at the painting of Kiki on the roof. Coral was wearing a dark jeans dress and a pink bow on her hair. So you can imagine, she looked just like Kiki, it was adorable but none of us noticed that she looked like Kiki until the lady pointed that out.

As soon as we step into the first room, we were all enchanted, it was so beautiful~
It’s like stuffing all the Ghibli movies together in a cosy house, well it pretty much is that.
It’s just so magical~

We first go to the room with all the arts, the sketches and all the ideas and plans of the movies.
I love to draw and paint, I was obviously very inspired. You could see the stories play right in front of your eyes, but instead of it all being in a film, it was all real life.

Ghibli bus

The bus from Mitaka Station to Ghibli Museum

After the art walk was done, we go to a room that is the Cat Bus. It was literally a huge Cat Bus where you could sit down on the fluffy seats inside the Cat Bus. When you walk out of the cat you can see his huge face, if you go don’t forget to rub the cat’s nose. It feels nice.

After the cat you can go and wind a lever and watch a little tape movie.

And there’s a Disney Pixar thingy, I didn’t even know about, in fact, I didn’t know Disney Pixar had anything to do with Ghibli but apparently, yes.

Then we go down to another room, the room showing all the movies and some animation magic. There are displays of all the Ghibli movies with the year they were published. That made me realise how many Ghibli movies there still are for me to watch, even if mom said some of them are sad and tragic.
There’s this machine that spins around really fast and flashes a light and makes little statues of the characters move. I really don’t know how to explain it, it was just super cool.
There’s also a bunch of little animations in that room, I find them all really cute.

After that, we go back upstairs and find our way to the rooftop part of the museum.
The rooftop is where the famous robot from ‘The Castle In The Sky’ is located. I swear the robot is so cute~ kinda creepy but still cute. And there’s the magical block from ‘The Castle In The Sky’ as well.

A 13-year-old writes about her visit to the Ghibli Museum, in Tokyo.

A Pin made to make your life easier!

After, we go back down the spiral staircase and back into the museum.
Keep in mind there are TWO spiral staircases, and I got really confused.
When you enter back inside from the rooftop, you can see a little kid playground that is the cat bus, a tiny version of the cat bus filled with ‘makkuro-kurosukes’. Only children 12 and under are allowed in this little playground, but deep inside mom wanted to just jump in that little playground.

After, we go in the crowded, little gift shop. A truly tiny, full and adorable shop. There were soooooooooooo many cute things~  I wish I could have everything in the store, but really that’s not gonna happen.
José bought a box of cookies, and I ate some of them. I didn’t steal them!! He let me eat some!!! They were good, well not the tea one, it tasted weird.
I wanted the magical necklace from ‘The Castle In The Sky’ but have you seen the price of that thing?!??!

The next thing left to do inside was the mini movie. The mini movie was really funny and cute. Everyone laughed quite a lot.

We go to the ‘Ghibli Museum Café’ since it was the last thing to do at Ghibli. It was getting dark by now and the mosquitos. I swear, I get bitten so much by those mosquitos!!! We wait in line for our time to head in. We were a big group so it took a wile until there was enough space for everyone.
It was finally time to sit down at our table and eat. I got a strawberry shortcake, and it was really huge. Coral got my little flag that came on top of my cake with Jiji, from ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ on it.

Then it was time to go. And just like I felt a Disney, I never wanted to leave.
It was just so magical~
I was gonna say “and just like I felt at Disney and Universal, I never wanted to leave.” but I did want to leave Universal Japan before I got devoured by zombies. I didn’t want to leave Orlando’s Universal, because I wasn’t being scared to death by zombies.

Ghibli Museum Guardian Robot

The giant from Laputa, Castle in the Sky and Kiki-Coral

Anyway, this is where I am going to leave this post for today.
Hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to Message, Comment your opinions and if you have any questions make sure to ask!! I will do my very best to reply! And don’t forget to tell me who your favourite Ghibli movie!!

Thanks for reading this post, See you next time!
Bye Bye~
Love Melissa



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