Getting into Tokyo – by João

Hey its João and today’s post will be about the trip to Japan!
First things first, we’ll begin about boredom. I’m always bored, especially when it’s a long trip. Not the best thing, but I like to think what it’ll be like when we get there. I’ve been there before but it was long ago, I was only around 5 years old. I hate feeling motion sick. I don’t usually get motion sick but when I do, it’s terrible. I don’t only feel sick because of motion, I also feel sick when they make egg. Yep, egg. E.G.G. you heard of it? Yes, that thing which comes out of a chicken. Well, when they cook egg – only if it smells strong – I start feeling really really really sick. Not. Fun. At. All. I like the fact that when it’s a big flight, there’s usually screens to use – watch movies, play games, listen to songs etc etc etc -I like some of the food, the muffins, ice cream, cookies, all that stuff. Even when there’s a screen, I sometimes get bored, sometimes because I’ve played all the games, not in the mood for movies, not much for songs, or the games are just boring.
Yeah, I’m not much for airplanes, obviously, but I like the end of the trip, meaning getting where you’ve waited for, like, who knows how long! Even though as soon as you get outside the airplane you still have to check-out, collect your drop-off luggage, and all that stuff, there will always be fun in the end.
Then, there was the bus to the hotel. About two hours of bus, that was really boring { photo here}
Look at how great the site is from the bus. Great site.

tokyo by João

View of Tokyo, captured by João from his phone

That’s it for my post today, hope you enjoyed it, have fun on your own trip, if you’re going to have one, Hahaha!
Good bye!

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