Funny things that happened in Brazil. – by João

Hey, it’s João and today we’ll be doing a post on the bizarre things that happened so far. In Brazil, of course. Hope you enjoy it!

#1: Extreme Thunder Storm.
We were doing our normal dos, nothing out of the normal, and it started raining. We kept doing whatever we were doing, and it started getting worse and worse and worse, then suddenly, lightning struck really close.
Everyone practically jumped from where they were, and not too much later, it happened again.
And the worst part is that we were waiting for my aunt, my uncle, and my cousin to get to the house so… that’s a problem.
It felt like the entire neighborhood was exploding until they suddenly got there.
We started having a mini-party. Hahaha.


Look at the lightning!

#2: Grandma and Uncle Nelson play piano singing.
I was playing the piano when uncle Nelson wanted to play so I let him start playing the piano. Not too much later, he left, puzzled, because he couldn’t find out what note it was, and went to grandma. He asked grandma something and she took a while but managed to find what he was looking for, and she got her phone, put it in front of the piano, and uncle Nelson started playing like a pro, but he couldn’t find out one note, and grandma started singing, and he managed to play it perfectly. That was bizarre. They were pretty much karaokeing themselves to death. LOL.

#3: Falcon, Eagle, and Hawk.
It was our last day at Salvador. And we were going to the elevator Lacerda when I saw an eagle! Then we went down the elevator.
When we came back up, the eagle was still there, and I wanted to see it. So I and dad went to see it.
When we got there, I realized it wasn’t only an eagle, there was also a falcon and a hawk.
Dad asked which one I wanted to see, when I was about to say the eagle, it screeched and flapped its wings, so I got a little freaked out.
So instead, I chose the small falcon. It was such an adorable thing.
The person holding it asked me if I wanted to hold it, and I said yes. I’ve always been fascinated by eagles and the type of birds. Not vultures.
She passed me a really thick glove and with it, the falcon.
Dad took some photos, I took some too. Afterward, she asked me if she could take a photo to put on the website. I said yes.

falcon handling

I’m holding a falcon!

#4: Mr. Crabs.
We were having a walk on the beaches at Cananeia, with my cousin, my aunt, and my uncle when we saw a small little yellow crab, scuttering here, there, and everywhere.
Melissa almost stepped on it. Actually, everyone almost did.
Then, he ran into the water and simply sunk. Just like that. Creepy. And random.

Atlantic ghost crab

Not something you see every day…

If you enjoyed this post be sure to comment, any questions, comment and I’ll try an answer, and I’ll see you next time! Bye!

All photos were taken by João, on his iPhone4 – Click here to buy one!. This is an affiliate link and if you click here, it won’t cost you anything at all, but it’ll give us a small percentage of what you buy.


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