We tried a lot of food and restaurants - on research, of course - in Canada to tell you what to try and where to eat! We included a list of the best poutine there! - Click for more!

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We had 2 glorious gastronomical months in Canada, in the summer of 2017. On this post, I’m gonna tell you the best unique stuff we had there + the best places to have a poutine in Canada.

The unique food in Canada you need to try


This is just the most Canadian place we found. It’s street food, but it’s good! Well, if you’ve got no problems with gluten, I guess.

The main food here is the beavertail. It’s a dough shaped like a beaver tail (pretty accurate in size too) and with some toppings, like garlic and cheese or Nutella, or maple butter. It could not be bad.

Try it. Try a different flavor in each city you visit. Or repeat the branch or the flavor, whatever. Just try it. Yum!

Beavertails is a great option for a quick snack - just make sure you share because they're big!

It’s just a stall, but it’s always full, and always delicious! Ah, beavertails!

Maple stuff

How could someone not try anything maple there? Maple taffy, maple taffy on snow, maple tea, maple syrup (the real stuff, not the maple syrup type stuff), maple sugar, maple butter, maple candy, maple chocolate, maple ice cream, maple glazed meat, maple bacon, maple lollipop, maple toffee, maple EVERYTHING! Oh man, I miss them all.

My favorites (and Coral’s too) were the maple taffy on snow and the tea. I even bought some tea to bring along. It’s over now, though. Sad. 🙁

Get into a maple shop and try stuff. Or go into any restaurant, find an option with maple, and try it. Or do both. I haven’t got any regrets.

To try it all together, head to the closest Delice. Trust me. Just 2 words: maple popcorn.

Fudge Salsichón

OK, so I’m not even sure if this is a Canadian stuff (if we go for the name, it isn’t), but I first saw it in Quebec City, in La Fudgerie. It’s basically a fudge sausage. It’s super fun, there are so many different flavors, and there just isn’t any flaw in it. OK, so my kids had 2 little slices each and they said it gets too sweet on the second slice. I had all the remaining slices and I didn’t see any overly sweet stuff there. The coffee salsichón is the best, but if they offer you a different one, you try. It’s never a bad moment to try. I mean, it’s fudge.

Canned Chocolate Fondue

It was also new to me, I’d never seen it before. It’s a can, like a tuna can, but inside, it’s filled with chocolate so you can have your fondue at home. Just, you know, read the instructions before opening the can, maybe? You kinda need to boil it for a while sealed, otherwise, water gets in. It doesn’t make it taste bad, though. Have no fear, even if you make the same mistake I did.

But then again, I saw this can of goodness in every chocolate shop in Canada. Get one from each shop. I know I should’ve.

We tried the milk chocolate and the maple fondue from Chocolato. Melissa said it was too sweet. I loved both, though it was a bit too sweet.

Canned chocolate fondue is a thing in Canada - a wonderful thing. The whole family enjoyed it a lot. It was one of the best experiences in Canada!

This is inside Chocolato. See how full it is? See us choosing our stuff very seriously? See the stack of fondue cans there? Oh man…

Smoked Beef Sandwich

I didn’t know it, but apparently, Toronto is famous for its smoked beef sandwich. Unfortunately, we only found it out when we were in Montreal, so we had it there. I don’t know if it’s the same thing BUT I didn’t like it. It was dry and it had too much fat and too much meat. We bought it in a place that had a line all day long because of the sandwiches. To be fair, Angelo and the younger kids loved it. Melissa and I, not so much.

Pop Fondue

It’s not traditional, but it was unique. We only found it in Montreal and I’d go back there to have another one at any moment. Juliet et Chocolat was super good. Back to the Pop Fondue, it came with a few strawberries, 6 mini ice pops (vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate – or was it Nutella?), a few little bowls of sprinkles, nuts, crushed Oreos, and one big bowl of pure delicious melted chocolate. We could choose from dark to white chocolate – with everything in between. Their other fondues were just as good, but this one was a killer. We often ordered it and shared in 3, because even though the ice pops are very tiny, we need to eat them fast or they start melting. And when they melt, we can’t even cover them in chocolate, risking that half of the ice pop would stay inside the chocolate bowl. Not saying it happened, though it did. Once.

Montreal's Juliet et Chocolat had one of the best things we had: the pop fondue. It is a must in Canada. Try it!

This photo was on our Instagram and I still drool every time I see it. Oh, I miss Montreal and its awesome pop fondue!

Cotton Candy Ice cream

Melissa had it in Chocolate Flavoris, and it was vanilla soft serve covered in white (dyed in blue) chocolate with some cotton candy. So adorable. This store’s cotton candy chocolate is just the prettiest ever. Try it and tell me if I’m wrong. I’m not. It’s in Levis. It’s the one from the first photo, of course.

Insect Food

This was supposed to be a bonus, but well, I decided to add the poutine list here so it’s gonna come up here, friends.

I wouldn’t dare try it because, you know, I’m a hypocrite and I couldn’t eat something with its legs and eyes and head, even though it’s dead.

In Montreal’s Insectarium at Espace Pour La Vie, there was an insect tasting area. Angelo tried the termites ice cream (it was vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate covered in termites. Yuck. He said it’s crunchy and bitter. Around us there were people eating crickets and all the other stuff happily.

Insect tasting is a big thing at the Insectarium. The kids had fun watching people eating them.

Termites ice cream, anyone? Angelo said it’s crunchy and a bit bitter, but not bad at all. Yuck!

and the best Poutine is…!

Of course you’d need to have poutine while in Canada, because it’s Canadian and it’s fries with gravy and cheese. I’ve even seen vegan options. There’s just no reason for you not to try it – and love it. Unless you’re Angelo or Joao, they don’t like gravy. Weird people.

So now I’m gonna list the best poutines we’ve had in Canada!

Wahls Burger

It’s Mark Wahlberg’s restaurant. We tried it in Toronto. There are many options. Choose one that fancies you and go ahead with the lovely chips, the gravy, and the cheese.


In Quebec City and it’s pure love. When you sit, you’ll find a cute list and a pencil. You mark your name, everything you want (what potato, how you want it cut, what kind of gravy, the type of cheese, every single topping. You choose everything. Even the size). Love in the form of poutine. Go crazy or go classic,  there’s never a wrong option. Even Angelo had poutine there. Not Joao, though.

Poutine is a traditional Canadian food and everyone needs to try it!

Poutineville’s poutine – it may not look too nice, but trust me, it was. Must try food and restaurant in Quebec City!


I didn’t even know they had poutine until Quebec City (it was our last city). Well, I tried it and it was fair enough! It needed a bit more salt, but luckily for us, they have it there so it was great. You’re gonna try the beavertail anyway, so order a beavertail and a poutine. Share with someone, but have. it. Yum!

New York Fries

Well, they sell only soda, hot dogs, and chips. But all kinds of chips. It includes poutine, of course. We tried it in Toronto’s Eaton Centre. Melissa chose the one with sour cream and man, it was so good! Even after half an hour, it was still good. It was our first poutine, though, so my memory can be deceiving me.

Burger Royal

It’s in Montreal and it’s perfect fries, albeit a bit too big. Oh so good. I drool just by remembering it. I loved it. So. Much. Skip the burger, order only the poutine – best decision ever.

One of the best foods in Canada is the poutine. Here's the list of the best poutine!

A more traditional poutine here – oh this gravy was heavenly!

Cuisine du Marche

This was my favorite poutine. It was just perfect. Not too big, not too wet, not soggy, not too salty, nothing. Perfection. I tried the classic and the chili poutines and both were fabulous. It’s inside Marche du Vieux Port and it’s so worth the visit. Pure love.

There are many variations of the poutine, and it's worth trying all! Here's a list of the best poutine!

My 2 versions of poutine of Cuisine du Marche. Both were just perfect. Love in the shape of food.

Oh, I can’t believe we’re at the end of it.

Those were my favorite foods in Canada. I know it’s not all typical food, but it’s all food that we found there and nowhere else (so far).

Try the poutine. Seriously. Anywhere. Any poutine is better than no poutine.

And bring me a box of maple tea, sil’ vous plait.

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