First Year’s Review, by Angelo


Maybe this is the hardest post I ever wrote and probably will be the most sentimental one. Sorry about it!

One year has passed. One year since we left what we thought to be our last stop, our last move and so far, we’ve visited more places in one year than in our entire life.

Seeing the world this past year has been amazing, I feel very lucky. Get to places like Uyuni and Machu Picchu, or falling in love with a new city, Montevideo, was amazing. There were many moments when I felt as high as a kite, but there were also plenty of times when the instability took its toll.


The beginning
First months of travelling were so different from what they are now. Routines, work, mood, feelings and relationships all changed and they are all in constant change, from good to bad to good again and it drags as the same way they charge our energy.

One Year – From a car to a Trolley

Nobody said it was easy
Well, it wasn’t and I’m glad of it. Never thought that travel can be so tiring. Packing, airports, waiting, security, paperwork, accommodation, what to do our what to eat and where to go. Also being together 24×7 is a hard task and believe or not, I’m still learning how to do it. I’ve learned so many things about the kids, Thais and myself. Probably at home, I would miss it and I regret not knowing them so well.

Plans are made not to be followed, right? While I thought that visiting places, family and friends would be awesome, it not happened as it should.

Travel is not easy. Our bus got stuck in Oruro

They are not always like the photos or travel guides, but they were all amazing!

Places we’ve been. So many to go!

Missed them a lot and I wish I could see and stay more with them. Thanks for being there for us!

Being away for so many years creates occur situations. I was not the one they expect me to be and they are not the same either.

All of us!

I love you guys a lot. Thanks for being there for me when I needed. Sorry for being a pain sometimes, or most of the times.


You are holding our family like a rock. Sorry when I let you down and thanks for helping me out. Love you.

sunset uyuni bolivia

A little love for you too

What’s next?
This coming year, I want more. To talk and learn more. Get to know more people. Do more things for the first time. Be more patient, a better father and husband.

Thank you all for following us during this first year. Hope be here for a few more!

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