Our favorite eats in Auckland, NZ

Eating is a huge part of any trip, so here are our favorite family friendly places to eat in Auckland (NZ)!

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This post is all about food. We haven’t gotten even a discount for this. This is 100% based on our preferences. Keep reading to know where to find the best food in Auckland (NZ)!

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Here are the BEST treats you’ll find in most supermarkets in NZ. They’re our favorites, but it doesn’t mean they’re the only good stuff there.

  • Whittaker’s chocolate. Any of them. Try them all. I’m serious. If you have to choose one, try the peanut butter because it’s the best. The rest of the family disagrees.
  • Manuka Honey. They sell some at the supermarkets and organic/health stores also sell them. Buy one little pot and use it for tea, with toast, plain, on your hair, on your skin. It’s got medicinal properties, and they are really really good. If you want to buy it online, find it here! (affiliate link)
  • L&P is the local soda. Lemon soda, now bought by CocaCola. Still tastes good.


Coral having a Tank smoothie

Coral having a Tank smoothie. She loved the feijoa smoothie until they took it out of the menu.



  • Burger Fuel – it is our go-to place. It is not very cheap but it is a good burger, made from pastured beef/free range chicken. The vegetarian burgers are amazing also and they’re not made out of soy, which is a bonus point (for me at least). It is also found everywhere.
  • Velvet Burger – good burger, good chips, good service. It gets a bit more expensive than Burger Fuel and there are only 4 stores in NZ. The buns there are the best.
  • Burger Burger – oh my, so good burger AND shakes! Probably the best thick shakes in Auckland. Only 3 units, all in Auckland. It ends up being more expensive than both options above – probably because everyone orders shakes there.
Angelo and Coral eating at Burger Burger

Angelo and Coral eating at Burger Burger – happy as.



  • Durello’s – probably the only Brazilian food place we’ve tried. It is fast food, deep-fried chicken coxinhas. For the ones who don’t know what coxinhas are, well, click here. Oh, so good…


  • Takara – the only lamen in town we deemed good enough to be eaten very often. The not-lamen dishes are also very good. In Auckland only (Browns Bay and Ponsonby).
  • Musashi – good Japanese food. Their lunch menu is cheap, but it isn’t cheap because they serve you not so good stuff: their lunch menus are only slightly smaller than dinner dishes like it happens in Japan. In Auckland (East Tamaki and New Lynn).
  • Yaruki – I only like their dinner food, which is exceptional. The lunch menu is cheap and not different from the mall’s food court. At night, everything is worth the drive to Henderson, but for lunch, no.
  • St Pierre’s – they have super cheap sushi and they’re everywhere. Just beware that not all stores have the same quality or service. The sushi of the day is of great value, so check them out!
L&P monument, in Paeroa

L&P monument, in Paeroa. How fun is it that there’s a monument for a soda? No wonder it says ‘World famous in NZ’ on the bottle.


  • Empress Garden – Their Peking Duck is delicious. The dumplings are amazing. The service is faulty sometimes but is mostly good. It gets quite full for dinner, so reservations are recommended.


  • Little India – good curry, large selection, good service and cheap.
  • to be honest, most of the Indian restaurants we tried were really good. Or maybe we just love curries.


  • Ma Cherie – Ponsonby Road, Auckland. The best crēme brülée. Must try. Their macaron is pretty good too! OK, their savory menu wasn’t tried. Sorry.
Coral with her little box of macarons

Coral with her little box of macarons. She used to have many of them every time, but she’s now over them.

Ice Cream

  • Giapo – just the BEST ice cream EVER. Really. As Giapo himself says it, their ice creams are a piece of art. The only downside is the queue: there is always a queue.
  • Ben & Jerry’s – a little too sweet for me, but the kids love it. On Ponsonby Road, Auckland, only.
  • Dessert Dojo – it is a fun concept, where you choose your ice cream, your toppings and they mix them all up before serving. I don’t really like how their ice cream taste but it is fun to watch them mixing everything and you get a photo booth print.
  • Kohu Road – perfect ice cream, NZ made. Simple and so good…
  • Lewis Road – this one is sold at the supermarkets. It’s a must try, amazing ice cream. NZ made. The hokey pokey is a favorite.
  • Milse – LOVE IT! Try the Bombe Alaska. PERFECT little delicious thing!


  • Elliott Stables – a food court, but a fancy one, with food that’s not fast food. In Auckland’s heart, it’s everyone’s favorite.
  • Night & Farmers Markets – there are many of them scattered around NZ. They serve cheap and, sometimes, very good food. We love them.
  • Eve’s Pantry– they serve good cakes and, Angelo says, good coffee. The savory menu is good too!
  • The Cheesecake Shop – Pavlova. That’s just all I’m gonna say.
  • Tank – Good smoothies, juices and, sometimes, salads. All around NZ.
Jose and his birthday pavlova

Jose and his tiny birthday pavlova – meringue base topped with fresh cream and fruits? Couldn’t go wrong!

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