Escape60, São Paulo, Brazil

Escape60 Brazil granted us a game, but the opinions are 100% ours. 

Escape is a game that my family enjoys a lot. You basically get fake locked inside a room and need to find the clues to escape from it in under 60 minutes. If you fail, well, someone will come and open the door for you, so no need to panic.


The entrance – easy to spot

My side of the family in Brazil also loves Escape games so this was one of the things we wanted to do together. The only problem was that we were in more than 12 people (14 to be exact) and not many places had rooms that big. Escape60 has a few branches in Brazil and the one in Itaim Bibi had a room that fit us perfectly.

The Forger is a big room, it fits up to 16 people. We divide up into 2 teams and both teams need to find the lost piece of art hidden in the room so we can escape it. It’s competitive because we split up into teams, but it’s also cooperative because we can’t leave the room without the other team. We loved it.

Since I’m not here to spoil your game, I’m going to just tell you how much fun it was. We split up into Asians and Gaijins (not-Asians). Since most part of the family (the Asians) is female, it kind of looked like girl x boy, but it wasn’t. Every time the blue team (the others) found a clue, they’d boast like hell, so noisy and annoying. Every time we found a clue, we’d just work towards the next, ‘cause we’re just ninjas.

One of our clues was in the wrong place, so we couldn’t use it but Emmanuel, the manager, came to help us out. He found the lost clue and left again. It didn’t ruin our game, as Emmanuel came to help us out and the Blue Team decided to be nice and help out.

escape60 teams

Everyone that played The Forger – I’m not even gonna name them

Some of the clues were pretty easy, others were pretty difficult, but we managed it. At the end, we were helping the Blue Team to find their lost painting and they helped us find one of our clues. Instead of a bad taste of winners and losers at the end of the game, we had a pretty good team feeling. It was fun, so much fun! Even the kids loved it.

When the game ended, Emmanuel gave us a new game for 50% off, because of the missing clue. We left pretty happy and went to have an ice cream. And then, while we were trying to find a good day for everyone, we decided that we were going to play that same day. We headed back to Escape60 and asked if they had a room available. They did. It was a room for 8 people, but we were in 10 wanting to play again and since 2 of those were kids, they let us in.

Rescue Operation is a whole different thing, we had to work as a team and exit the hotel room before ‘midnight’ (in 60 minutes) or the serial killer would be back. It was also a lot of fun, let me tell you. We made a huge mess out of it but we managed to leave the room before the 60 minutes too. It was super clever and we only found the last clue by accident but we did it.

To be really honest, I was kind of tired by the end of it so I just sat there and let the others work but it was still fun.

My mom stayed in the waiting area with the kids while we played the last game and they were pretty OK there. They had puzzles to solve, vending machines and each other, so they found that waiting wasn’t too bad.

The staff was also great, helping us out and making their wrong right as best as they could. They were super accommodating and joyful.

We highly recommend Escape games to people of all ages, but little people (I’d say under 8) wouldn’t understand it much. They can have fun searching for the clues – as did Coral.

escape60 itaim bibi

The team that played the second game and Emmanuel, our host

If you’re ever in Brazil, Escape60 has a great range of rooms, great service, and good locations. We loved it! (If you’re far more adventurous than we are, there’s also the Extreme version, with actors, right across the street)


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  1. Tatiana Saito
    Tatiana Saito says:

    Você só fala isso da primeira sala porque nós fomos as vencedoras. Tenho certeza que se a gente tivesse perdido eu ia sim ficar com o gosto amargo da derrota!


    Realmente foi muito divertido.

    Mês que vem eu volto lá! 😉

    • Thais Saito
      Thais Saito says:

      Hi, Robert! The clues can be in Portuguese, English or Spanish! You just have to ask when you book so that your room is ready when you arrive!


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