End of the year holidays!

It’s nearly 2017, people! Are you ready for it?
We are and we aren’t. I’m not sure. Well, I can’t wait to go explore the rest of South America, but I’m also very scared of what’s coming next year, politically.

Smaug hobbit nz

Meeting Smaug at Wellington Airport, NZ

We’re in Brazil, with our family, enjoying all we can while we can. I have very tired kids, and also kids that want to stay awake as much as they can to enjoy the cousins they came to love so much in the short time we had here.
It’s difficult to make them understand that we’ll come back sooner next time. Sooner for them can be anything over 2 years, which isn’t very soon.

2016 for us

salvador brazil

A sign saying ‘When I give you a smile, would you give me a kiss?’, found in Salvador, Brazil

We’ve had a very busy year, tidying up the house, selling it, organizing everything to travel and helping the kids deal with it.
It started with my grandma’s death and ended with us remembering her at every moment in the houses she lived. I miss her.

We’ve been to 3 countries, seen and done more than we can remember. We loved our travel time, but not so much the preparing and selling the house phase.

The kids have grown a lot, Melissa is now 13 (officially a teenager), João is 11, José is 9, and Coral is 4 now. They’ve matured a lot in the last moments, and also found lots of people to love and miss. I love it, and they love it too.

nara japan

A walkway in Nara, Japan

Our expectations for 2017
We’ll travel around South America during the first half of next year and do North and Central Americas on the last half. It’s going to be another big year for us and we hope it’ll be nice, smooth and peaceful.

Our aim is to spend our time only in warm weather because we don’t have any winter gear. Maybe for 2018 for a while?
This is going to be our trial year because in 2016 we’ve only been to places we’d know or were familiar with. 2017 will be full of new experiences. Probably all of it will be spent in unknown places.

hobbiton nz

Our primary color kids walking in Hobbiton, NZ

Our holiday
Since we’re trying to enjoy this time with the people we love most as much as we can, we’ll start a little holiday here on the blog and on the newsletter.
We’ll still be around on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if you miss us.

There also our Youtube channel and our Pinterest page for you to come see us!

We wish you all great holidays and we’ll be back on the first Monday of 2017, we hope to see you around!

bombim ribbons

Bomfim church ribbons, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

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