Eleven Things I Liked Most In Japan

Hey, it’s João and today I’m going to do a post on eleven things I liked most about Japan.

We didn’t stay there too long, so we didn’t do everything someone would want to do or everywhere someone would want to go.

(Or eat everything someone would want to eat).

This is by far the biggest post I’ve ever written, even though I know mom’s posts are much bigger then mine. It was going to be twelve, because I was going to write about Disney, but it’s just like every other Disney.

1: Grandpa’s House

It was great going there to re-meet grandpa.

We were kinda small when we last saw him so it was great seeing him again.

The moment we got there we saw a box labeled: CANDY AND CHIPS FOR THE KIDS. THERE’S ICE CREAM AND SOFT DRINKS IN THE FRIDGE.

It was just great. While staying there, we went to Iga-Ueno, a ninja village. We watched a cool and hilarious show where they used real ninja weapons. After, we went to a Shuriken(Ninja star) throwing challenge.

Coral tried and missed completely. José did pretty well, and I got a perfect prize. You should have seen the guy who was giving prizes. He went into a panic attack. I’m thinking he ran out of the original prize or something. And in the end, I ended up getting a plastic sword, a plastic spit wad with foam darts, and a plastic bow and arrow with suction arrows.

ninja prize

João’s prizes on the ninja star throwing game

Coral got a deck of arcade cards, and José

got a lightsaber, for a strange reason, and José and Coral traded.

Grandpa came with us, which is great, and we had plenty of fun.

After we went back home, a few days later, we found out about what dry ice does when put in water. It was awesome.

2: Nara Deer Park.

This was incredibly fun. Deer roam the park freely, and they’re wild deer, just so you know. We bought some shika senbeis, little crackers which you can give to the deer. It was incredible. They bite everything they want, and it’s hilarious.

Mom had read on some website that if you bow to some deer, they bow back.

José kept trying this, and in the end, a deer started chasing him around. It was hilarious.

I just gave them shika senbei.

Later on, we went to the temple where the Big Buddha Daibutsu is, and when they say Big Buddha, they mean BIG BUDDHA.

Nara buddha

The Nara Buddha

It was gigantic. Really really gigantic.

You have no idea.

In the end, we went back home, after a great day.

3: Flower Park

As we got here, the first thing we saw was a GIGANTIC PLAYGROUND.

And a Japanese drink vending machine.

Both I and José got a drink.

Then, we all rushed to the playground. Like little babies.

We went on the gigantic slide a million times.

It’s made of little wheels, like the ones at an airport’s X-Ray.

Then, Melissa saw a smaller area for smaller children, and I and she rushed to some kind of bike thing.

It looked like four bikes with an iron bar attached, and we stayed there, playing like babies. And after we found out it was only for 5-year-olds or younger. Haha… but we kept playing anyways.

After that, we went to a massage thing made of rocks and logs, we used to like it, but now it hurts like, a lot.

Really a lot.

Then dad said there was something on the other side of a hill, and we went to check it out. It was another toy, which is basically:

A place to stand on, a place for you to hold on, and a spring below it. It was so fun.

4: Stamina Taro Yakiniku Suzuka.

This is one of the places I most ate at. It’s a huge meat buffet. I’ve done a post on this and No°5, so be sure to check it out.

If you like food, and not possibly a vegetarian, you’ll love this place!

japanese barbecue

Yakiniku – all you can eat Japanese barbecue

Yeah, there were a lot of options of meat.

A lot.

Fortunately, it was for ninety minutes, other ways José and Coral would have exploded.

Yeah, they ate waaaaaay too much.

Then after, they wanted candy floss!

What the hell?

And mom let them. I made one for Coral and it looked way better than Melissa’s and Jose’s ones.

Way better.

Melissa’s ones just looked strange. Half of the candy floss was hanging off the stick.

5: Kappa Sushi Suzuka.

This was like the land of my dreams. I just love sushi, salmon sushi, that is. So I really enjoyed it. Once again, I’ve done a post on this already, so if you want to check it out, click on the link.

Back to the subject, it was some incredible place! It was filled with sushi here, sushi there, sushi sushi everywhere!

Ok more precisely, there is a road which sushi comes and goes on, and I almost only are salmon sushi. I would have if dad didn’t make me eat another one.

Yeah, sushi is the best.

If you like sushi, you should definitely come here.

If you want a specific sushi, you can order it from a screen, and It comes on top of a bullet train.

This is definitely a place to go. There is also miso soup, but it ran out, and also cake.

They both ran out.

6: Universal Studios Japan > Harry Potter

I enjoyed the entire Universal Studios Japan Park, but the part I enjoyed most was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


Hogwarts Castle, in USJ, by João

The day we went there was the Halloween special, so there were Death Eaters attacking Hogsmeade.

It was really awesome. A Death Eater looked at me, and it was really creepy.

This attack happened multiple times, but we only watched it once.

hogwarts eagle

The Eagle at the beginning of the line

Inside the castle, Hogwarts, there is the entrance to Dumbledores room, and the portraits of Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, and Helga Hufflepuff. Pretty awesome.

hogwarts founders

The 4 founders of Hogwarts, by João

When we left the Harry Potter area, there were zombies all over the park.

I and José started crying because we were scared but then, waaay after, we staaaarted calming down.

By this time, we were in the line to the Jurassic Park The Ride. This was really fun.

7: Tokyo Trick Art Museum.

This was one of my most enjoyed attractions at Japan. It was simply awesome!

I’ve also done a post about this one, so if you want a full post on this, please check it out.

I will explain a bit about this place, in this post, but the rest lies in secrets in the link.

Back to the subject, you won’t believe your own eyes, even if you came here. It was just awesome, all the art, so real!

This was incredibly one of the best places I’ve ever been to, with its incredible art. It’s just awesome.

They even managed to make Coral the same size as José! Incredible!

At the very start, there was this incredible 3D house. Just watch!

Oh, look! A magician! Watch him as he makes my head appear!

Oh no! José fell off a cliff! That sounded really wrong. And there’s a shark!

8: Ramen.

We went to a bunch of ramen places, but the best of the best was the ramen restaurant at Shinjuku. Very close to the world’s busiest station, just a few 20ish meters away, this ramen is really really awesome. It’s so good, both it and it’s pan fried dumplings, you won’t even believe. This ramen house is closely matched by others, but it’s still the best.

If any of you like ramen, this is definitely a destination for you.

Did you know: Ramen is a Chinese food, not a Japanese one?

When I found that out, I was like” Then why is it so famous in Japan?” I honestly thought it was a Japanese noodle. We ate a lot here, equally matched by Ootoya, which I will explain more of, during the post. While ramen might be one of the best foods in Japan, there are plenty of other Japanese foods I love, including Gohan(Japanese white rice), gyoza(pan fried dumpling), okonomiyaki(Japanese savory pancake), sushi, do not forget the sushi.

Yeah, ramen is soooo tasty.

9: Ootoya.

Yes, yes, more and more food. But going to Ootoya is definitely worth it.

There are plenty of different Japanese foods there, kids meals, lunch box, noodles, meats, pretty much everything you would expect from a Japanese restaurant, even though there isn’t ramen. Which is very sad.

I liked the pork katsu don, which is a fried pork. Melissa pretty much only got this, which is strange. Even when I got it, she got it.

Drink bar is a pretty common thing in Japan, which is basically a wide option of drinks, you pay a certain amount, and you have unlimitedly reloads of any drink you want!

There was a time where all the big tables were full, so we had to sit on desperate tables, and it was one table Melissa, mom, and Coral, on the other, me, dad and José.

Mom got drink bar for them and in the end, dad didn’t, so we only drank water. Haha.

Coral almost always got the kids udon set but got a different one once. Don’t remember what it was. José also only got kid sets, and that’s pretty sad.

10: Ghibli Museum.

Ghibli museum was one of the places everyone most wanted to go to. Have you watched My Neighbor Totoro? Or Ponyo? They’re both good Ghibli movies. They’ve created plenty of movies, all of the ones I watched I liked, except Up On Poppy Hill, but that movie was just sad.

I would have photos on this, except you couldn’t take photos inside the museum, so that was very sad.

There was a giant Guardian of Laputa, which my mom loved, you have no idea.

She fell in love with Ghibli all over again. It was creepy. I wonder why she loves Ghibli so much.

Sure, the movies are great, but she was still over reacting.

There was this awesome stop-motion-ish thing which makes a light keep flashing, like a photo flash, and a bunch of figurines which keep spinning and combined, it looks awesome. Like a real stop-motion!

Really recommend you come here.

11: Game Centers.

Game centers in Japan are awesome. Basically, every road has one. Sometimes three. Not lying, it’s completely true. The only bad thing about these are that people smoke in them, which is really annoying, and it’s really noisy, but other than that, pretty awesome.

Do you know about the popular series, Yokai Watch? Yeah, there’s an arcade game for that, I enjoyed it. I and Coral are the only ones who like that. José likes a Dragon Ball game, which also has collective cards, and Melissa, well, Melissa’s just sad.

She doesn’t like any arcade games. Very sad indeed. You have no idea how sad she is.

Arcades are all over Japan, mostly in Tokyo, and all of them have claw games. I hate those now because I got a huge ball thing perfectly on top, but it just dropped it. Humph. Now I hate claw machines. Forever! Muahahahaha! Ok, over the top.

If you enjoyed this post be sure to leave a like, a comment, and I’ll see you next time! Bye!

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  1. Tatiana Saito
    Tatiana Saito says:

    Pelo post deu pra perceber que você gostou muito do Japão, hein?? Que legal, me deu até vontade de ir. Mas sabe, sendo vegana o Japão é um país bem complicado, pois eles colocam caldo de peixe em tudo o que é canto. Basicamente eu poderia comer gohan. AHhahahahaahh!


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