Cute and strange things in japan – by Melissa

Just a few little products and toys stuff like that.
Because every little thing in Japan is extremely cute! Or not so cute…
Most of these little, cute, strange, fun things are found in dollar stores, but they sometimes can be found in a gift shop or a stationery store.

tiny pencils

The tiny pencils… So cute!

1.  Miniature pencils.

So we found some of these in a gift shop.
They are super tiny, so tiny they’re smaller than my little pinkie finger.
Sooo tiny!! And there’s one that comes with a little pencil sharpener and eraser!!

2. Cute shape erasers.

In Japan, there is so many of those little erasers shaped as, well, everything!!
There’s food ones, there’s animal ones, everything!!!
My favorite one was this ramen one, which you could open the lid and see the ramen inside just like those you put hot water in to cook.
But the erasers are utterly useless because you do want to use them and ruin their pretty faces.

3. Kawaii stickers.

sticker japan

Bunny, bear and llama adorable sticker!

There are stickers all over the world but I japan things go a little overboard.
I have seen from toothpaste and toothbrush ones to poop ones.
And every sticker has a face, even the toothpaste…
My personal favorite is ones of a bunny with a flower crown, or maybe the llama with flowers.
Not sure.

4. Candy food.

Food. Well, fake food. Tiny fake food.
So there’s these candy making food things.
Each of us got one and made them.
There just a bunch of different powders which you mix together and it makes the candy foods!
I made the ramen one, it didn’t taste that good but you know it was fun!!

5. Plastic bubbles

They’re not exactly cute, maybe a little strange, but all fun!!
They’re these toothpaste looking things which inside is the ‘bubble paste’, so you squeeze that ‘bubble paste’ on to a little tube and blow.
It makes a bubble, and they’re like hard..
Coral made an Olaf that looked like a Sven so. That was kind of cute.
Kinnnnnnnnnda cute.
João and José did make a wired thing called Fred and whenever they popped it there was a lot of Harry Potter jokes but they were just sad.

plastic bubble

The awesome plastic bubbles! This was Coral’s Olaf.

6. Face masks

There are loads of face masks.
There’s Disney ones, animal ones, Hello Kitty ones, even kabuki mask ones!!
Like why the hell…
I didn’t buy one because…
Tho I have used one that my friend got in Japan and we used them at a sleepover.
It was so gross…

Hey, everyone!!
It’s Melissa here!
Thank you so much for reading my post today!
Please make sure you leave a comment!!
And if you have any questions at all, please do ask, I will do my very best to reply!!
Hope to see you next post!!

Love Lissa <3

Question: if you had one of these Japanese face masks which one would you get?!?!?!

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