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Colombia, ah, Colombia! One of our favorite countries in the world! It’s beautiful, colorful, alive, resilient, and just plain awesome! Here is our guide with all about Colombia travel for families with kids.

Its narcotraffic related history still makes people cringe and avoid it, but… We’ve visited it, and we LOVED everything about it!

It’s a very diverse country, and you can find a bit of everything there. From the stunning Caribbean islands in Cartagena, the eternal spring climate of Medellin, to the cool weather of the altitudes of the metropolitan Bogota, to the ruins of San Augustin, there’s always something to make every vacation in Colombia great!

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Bogota is full of charm, character, and love. It’s also a little chilly, so don’t forget to pack one sweater.

Road trips, we heard – so we don’t know for sure – can be a little dangerous, but flying is easy, reasonably cheap, and a lot quicker, so it was really a no-brainer for us. We used Viva Colombia and they are cheap but VERY VERY VERY picky about hand luggage. If you fly with them, do yourself a favor and buy the dispatched bag or the cabin luggage upgrade to avoid disturbances.

The food is great, delicious, and cheap! You must try a bandeja paisa and a buñuelo! They are my favorites! The arepas, though, not so much. And the coffee, we mustn’t forget the coffee – do try the nearest Juan Valdez anywhere.



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We spent a total of 5 weeks in Colombia: 2 in Bogota, 2 in Medellin, and 1 in Cartagena. Although they’re all very different from each other, they are all great for a family vacation. It just really depends on what you want from your time there!

To and from Colombia

This is how we got in and out of the country. There are, though, many other ways – depending on where you come from.

Bye Peru, Hello Colombia!

Bye Colombia, hello Canada!

Avianca Airlines Review

The Salt Cathedral near Bogota is an incredible place that many people visit while in Bogota. We visited it with our kids.

This is inside the Salt Cathedral, in Zipaquira. A short drive from Bogotá, pretty amazing place, even for those who aren’t religious.


Cartagena was our last stop there. Tropical, very hot (always over 30°C or 86°F), full of beaches and Caribbean islands, colors, beautiful architecture. If you want beaches, history, beauty, coconut water, you want Cartagena!
It was, though the most touristy place we visited there.

A week in Cartagena with kids


Bogota is the capital of Colombia. It’s a chilly place, very metropolitan. It’s a big city, but since it’s at high altitudes, you may need to take a few precautions. We LOVED Bogota! So much to see and do!

A guide to Bogota with kids

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Dealing with the altitude sickness

Colombia's touristic gem is Cartagena: Caribbean beaches, colorful buildings, delicious food. Perfect for a family holiday!

The streets of Cartagena are stunning and colorful. How not to love it? It’s a bit harder for those who prefer colder climates, though.


Medellin is the city of the perfect weather. Always a mildly warm temperature, it’s highly pleasant. It’s so beautiful and the food was so delicious, it’s one of our favorite places in the whole world!

Medellin with kids

A day trip from Medellin to Guatape and Penol with Turibus

South America

We traveled around South America for 9 months. Bogota and Medellin were part of those 9 months, but Cartagena came a bit later. It was an awesome time.

How we traveled through South America for 9 months with kids

Guatapé and Peñol make a classic day trip from Medellin, Colombia. The whole family loved it!

Pedra del Peñol, in Peñol. It’s a great day trip from Medellin, and it includes a visit to the colorful Guatapé. We loved it!

To finish it, here’s our table…

  • Country
  • Minimun Stay
  • $ ~ $$$
  • Child-friendlyness
  • Best local transport option
  • Safety
  • Do we recommend it?
  • Colombia
  • If you’re only visiting a city, two days is enough BUT the longer, the better
  • $
  • Incredibly child-friendly!
  • Walk, but taxis and Ubers are very cheap too!
  • Safe enough
  • YES!

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