Chile is an incredibly diverse country, and it's very popular. If you plan on visiting it for your next family trip, start reading our guide here!

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Chile is a long and narrow South American country. It goes from almost the top to bottom of the continent.

The capital is Santiago, in the middle of the country.

Other famous things in the country are the Atacama desert and Patagonia.



We really wanted to do it all but ended up not managing it due to the costs. It is one of the most expensive countries in South America.

We had 4 weeks there with our kids, divided between the lively, noisy, and stunning Santiago, and it’s the nearest beach town, Viña del Mar.

Next time, if there is one, we’ll avoid this part of the country altogether because we felt very unwelcome, people were always rushing, services were really bad.

Traveling to Chile is expensive and a bit difficult due to its geography but you can start reading here!

Valparaiso, near Viña del Mar, is one cute town and it makes for a great day trip. Full of street art and hills, take your time trying out empanadas!

We did, though, take some Spanish classes there and that was fun and very useful, and thankfully, our teacher was Spanish because people in Chile speak oh so freaking fast, I couldn’t understand a thing!

When we say Chile, the only food that comes to my mind is empanada. Chilean empanadas really are good. But, to be really honest, that’s all there was. We didn’t have any luck with food there besides empanadas.

The Andes, though, is worth a trip. Being a short drive away from Santiago, it’s easily done!

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To and from Chile



If there's one reason to visit Chile, it'll be the Andes. You need to see it.

That’s me being amazed by the Andes. It was definitely our best day there. It was real magic!

Santiago de Chile

Santiago is stunning, one of the most beautiful places we’ve visited BUT the smog really gets you, so if you or someone in your party have any kind of breathing problems, you probably should think twice or even cut your time there a bit.

Viña del Mar and Valparaiso

Viña is the beach town where Santiago people go to enjoy summer. It’s pretty, and it has everything, but it’s pricey. Valparaiso is a poorer region, but high in tourism due to its stunning street art. The best empanadas in Chile are there.

A bit of everything

Other posts where we share a bit more of our Chilean moments.

In Santiago, wherever you look, you'll see the Andes. I mean, that's if the smog let's you, of course.

On our first day in Santiago, we decided to go visit Sky Costanera. It’s a very tall building with a great view of the whole city. It was great.

To finish it…

Well, Chile wasn’t our favorite country and, to be really honest, I don’t know if we’ll ever be back but it’s still a beautiful place.

  • Country
  • Minimun Stay
  • $ ~ $$$
  • Child-friendlyness
  • Best local transport option
  • Safety
  • Do we recommend it?
  • Chile
  • At least a week, but if you want to see it all, a bit longer
  • $$$
  • Well, okay. Not the best.
  • Car, but walking is fine and, in Santiago, trains are great
  • It’s fine
  • The Andes are worth a visit!

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If you're planning on visiting Chile, you'll probably stop in Santiago. Take sometime to visit the Andes and one of the great hill lookouts in the city.

Santiago may be a bit hard to live in due to the smog and the rush, but it’s one stunning city. That’s for sure.