Characters, Tips, Parades, and Food in Hong Kong Disneyland

This is the third part of our Hong Kong Disneyland series. Today we’re talking about the characters, the tips, and the food in the park. Scroll down for more!

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Disney's great, and a big part of it come from the characters and the parades. Click here to know all about Hong Kong Disneyland's best!

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Since it’s only one park, it’s easy to find the characters. Another option is to book a character dining option, though there aren’t many characters in the restaurants…

*we received free tickets to the park, but the opinions are 100% ours

The Characters in Hong Kong Disneyland

One of the BEST things about Disneyland Hong Kong were the characters. They are everywhere and they’re AWESOME. 

Some of the best encounters we’ve had were just random: like when we were having a popsicle and the Troopers came around, rounded on Angelo and talked to him and the kids. It was great. 

Some of them have the schedule and times of appearance on the website and/or on the app, and some of them, you’ll meet by sheer luck. 

Storm Troopers asking Angelo questions and Coral watching, bewildered. Some characters, like Spiderman or the Troopers, just wander around. Try to find them, they're pretty awesome!

It really was fun. They were walking around, people running around them to take photos and they came straight to Angelo while he was having a popsicle. The kids loved it. Angelo did too.

The best way to know there’ll be a character there is to look around. When you see a cast member putting up the line cords, you’ll know. Just ask them and they’ll tell you who and what time. This is how we found Moana and Buzz!

Characters stop appearing at around 6 pm, so make sure you visit all of them by then! Leave some rides for later, it’s worth it!

In Adventureland

  • Black Panther

He was great. First of all, he actually speaks English so we had a nice chat with him. He’s a family favorite, so we actually searched on the app to find him. 

Some of the characters in Hong Kong Disneyland speak and they're awesome. My kids had a lot of fun chatting with them!

‘I’m not gonna do that’ said the teenagers. But when T’Challa asks, you do it. He’s the king of Wakanda, after all.


It’s a shame there wasn’t Shuri, but oh well. It’d be hard, I guess. 

He takes the time to talk to the guests, so it’s a great character to meet!

  • Moana

She’s energetic and great fun – just like the Moana from the movie. We loved her! Coral (6) was happy that she spoke English, hahaha. 

The characters at every Disney park are the best! Take the time to meet at least a few of them - they are worth it!

Here you see Moana asking Coral a question about something she was carrying – they have this way with kids that’s incredible and they all are really into their characters!

In Fantasyland

  • Tinker Bell (Fairy Tale Forest)

We went there, but we didn’t find her. It’s a bit of a maze and, well, no Tinkerbell. Haha. 

  • Rapunzel

She appears sometimes but we couldn’t find her, so we don’t know how she is. She should be amazing, though. The one from Disney World was. 

In Main Street, USA

  • Princess Anna, Elsa, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Princess Sofia and Aurora (Royal Princess Garden)

We missed Anna and Elsa completely. First, because we didn’t find the Royal Princess Garden, then after because we thought we’d get another princess we’d already met and we gave up. Too bad. I really wanted to meet them. They show up in alternate times, so check before heading there!

There’s usually someone at the beginning of the line to tell you which princess is there but we didn’t even go to check.

  • Baymax and Hiro (Annex)

It was a dream, seriously. I wanted to hug Baymax and I did. He actually just stood there moving from one foot to the other, but Hiro was great. He’s exactly like Hiro in the movie and lovely. He thought Joao was a girl and he was teased after that for a while, poor Hiro. We loved it!!!

Baymax and Hiro, from the movie Big Hero 6, at Disneyland Hong Kong. They were some of the best characters to meet, seriously lovely!

You see, after he mistook Joao for a girl, he was super adorable and tried very hard to make up for it. He even did the fist bump. Love it.

One tip is that they appear before the park opens, so you can go earlier, visit them and then go to the park!

  • Duffy and Friends (Main Street Cinema)

Duffy is a bear, very popular in Asia’s Disneys. We saw the huge crowds to meet it and we decided to skip it. 

  • Mickey and Minnie, Daisy, Donald (Town Square)

When Mickey and Minnie show up, you can bet it gets full. And it was a huge line, I believe it took around an hour. We gave up, as we’d already seen Mickey at Chef Mickey’s Breakfast, so… Don’t go in the morning unless it’s before park opening hours!

We didn’t see the others there but you can bet that if there’s a line, there’s a character!

  • Chip and Dale, Goofy, Pluto (Main Street)

We met Chip and Dale and it was, seriously, the longest line we had. They were lovely and fun but people took their time, taking photo after photo (we saw people taking, seriously, 20 photos of them – like asking them to do this or that for each photo) and it made the lines get really long and slow. Don’t be one of those people. 

The character meeting lines are often longer and slower than the rides'. Meeting them before the park opens gives you the chance to enjoy the park a little bit more.

We arrived extra early on the second day and we found Chip and Dale there. They’re adorable!


In Tomorrowland

  • Iron Man

It’s a long line just because there’s a whole show (in Mandarin) before you get to meet him. But it’s fun to see him (or his shadow) flying and arriving. He chats with some pre-recorded lines to the people, and we had fun listening to them. 

Some of the characters actually took their time to talk to the kids, ask questions, and answer their questions. They were the best - Ironman wasn't one of them, unfortunately.

Coral (6) loved Iron Man. Go figure. Since she is the youngest of the family, she always gets extra attention from everyone and this time, she loved it!

  • Chewbacca, R2-D2, and BB-8 at Star Wars Command Post

I don’t know about you, but this was also something we really wanted to do. R2 actually appears a lot less than Chewie, but when we went, both were there and it was great! Coral (6) loved meeting R2 and she was beyond happy after that!

BB-8 was nowhere to be found, but I guess it’s OK. 

Any Star Wars fan should pay Chewie and R2 a visit at Hong Kong Disneyland. They are fun and sweet!

The person at the beginning of the line said we’d have Chewbacca. It was a lovely surprise when we saw R2 coming to greet us. They’re both incredible characters to meet!

  • Groot

Groot was great! Music started playing and he came around dancing, all Groot-like. 

He played with the guests, and it was amazing. We loved Groot. 

(He didn’t say ‘I am Groot’, though)

We'd watched Infinity Wars a few weeks earlier and then we saw Groot, all grown up at Disneyland Hong Kong. Spoiler?

Groot was actually the first character we met at Disneyland Hong Kong and he was super fun. The characters usually take a break mid-greetings because of the heat, but they come back fairly quickly. If the line is closed, ask for the next appearance!


Toy Story Land

  • Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, and Woody (Barrel of Fun)

We only saw Buzz, even though we were there for quite a while. Coral said she didn’t want to meet him but oh well. He was adorable and it was great. 

They don’t fall to the ground when you say that Andy’s coming, though.

The characters from Toy Story appear at Toy Story Land, of course, in Disney Hong Kong. They're super fun, just like all the other characters in the park!

To infinity and beyond – and we met Buzz Lightyear! I don’t know how he saw it, but he stopped mid-greeting to tell Joao to smile. hahahah.

Hollywood Hotel’s Chef Mickey

We met Mickey at the hotel. He comes up at 8 am to Chef Mickey’s breakfast. We arrived every day a bit earlier, but it was a good thing as we saw him coming up and he passed through all the tables waving at everyone.

Then we just kept an eye on – whenever he was free, we came around for our photo. 

You can meet a few characters at the Disney Hotels in Hong Kong Disneyland. They show up during the day! Click for more!

This was at Chef Mickey’s breakfast. I know it sounds silly, but all the characters are a lot of fun, even this Mickey, who didn’t talk at all. He communicated perfectly through gestures with the kids.

During weekends or public holidays, you can also have character lunch (it’s Mickey and Donald) or dinner (just Mickey) at Chef Mickey’s.

Other Disney Character Dining options at Disneyland Hong Kong

  • Dragon Wind (Explorer’s Lodge) also has character dining. Ask for appearance times when you book!
  • World of Color (Explorer’s Lodge) has character breakfast daily with Donald and Goofy!
  • Enchanted Garden (Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel) is also famous for the character dim sums! But you’ll find the characters there too! Ask which and the appearance times when you’re booking!

Reservations can be made by phone +852 3510-6000 .

Some of the characters at Disneyland Hong Kong don't actually stop for photos and greetings, and Spiderman was one of them. A bit sad, isn't it?

Spiderman didn’t stop to take photos, but he did make a little show every now and then at Tomorrowland. Coral was really disappointed when he ran off.


A few tips for the character meetings in Hong Kong Disneyland

  • You can meet some characters before the park opens. When we were there, that meant Baymax and Hiro, Mickey and Minnie, Chip and Dale, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and Donald, and maybe a princess. You can enter the park a lot earlier than the actual open hours (around 1 hour before) but you can only stay in Main Street USA, so take your time meeting the characters then! It’s emptier than it will be later!
  • If you find a cast member putting up a line, ask. It’s probably a character. They put the line up from 30 minutes to 10 minutes before the character comes up, so see if it’s worth the wait!
  • Some characters talk to you whereas others don’t. Mickey, for instance, only make gestures and Iron Man only speaks the pre-recorded lines. There’s no use taking your kid to talk to them if it’s going to break their hearts. 
  • Hong Kong Disneyland’s character meetings are actually great and well organized. We thought Tokyo Disney’s meetings were a total disaster and we were pleasantly surprised then. 
  • Some characters have their times of appearance on the website and/or the app, but some don’t. Ask a staff member if you really want to meet one of them!
  • To avoid lines, Character dining is a good option but don’t expect Disney World’s variety of characters in each dining restaurant. There are, tops, 5. 
  • The Disney Photopass+ is good BUT there isn’t a photographer in most of the characters meeting spots. Seriously sad. 
  • On the other hand, cast members are happy to use your camera or phone to take photos of the encounter. Just hand it to them!
Pascal, the chameleon from Tangled, was hidden besides a tree at Disney Hong Kong. We found him at the Fairytale Forest.

Some others, like Pascal (Tangled) were hidden so we had to really look for them. Cutie, isn’t he?

Food in Hong Kong Disneyland

Well, food isn’t really great in any of the Disney parks, is it? The best one we’ve had was in Tokyo Disney, but still, not good. 

Not even the popcorn was fun – we only found caramel popcorn and trust me, we’ve wandered around quite a bit. 

There are more options than Disney World (there, all we had was pizza, burgers, and hot dogs) but the food wasn’t good. 

What I recommend you do is eat well for breakfast – really well – so you can just eat snacks during your day at the park. You know, popcorn, a dim sum, a popsicle. 

Having a Mickey popsicle is something everyone need to do at the Disney parks, isn't it? Even if they aren't too nice.

The kids and their cute popsicles. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t too good either. Except for the orange one, which we all loved. But it wasn’t cute.

We had decided on having breakfast only once at Chef Mickey’s because otherwise, it’d be very expensive but we ended up eating there the 2 mornings we had park scheduled because the food was good and it kept us filled for a really good part of the day. 

There are some really cute foods that, yeah, you should try. 

  • We tried the adorable (and huge) donuts at the Bakery on Mainstreet. They’re good but very sweet and you should be able to share it between 3 or 4 people. 
  • The Mickey waffles were a huge hit and we ended up having it more than once. They’re everywhere.
  • The egg puffs, although not as good as the ones we ate on the streets of Hong Kong, are good. 
  • There should’ve been an Iron Man burger, but we didn’t see it on the menu and completely forgot about it. 
  • The popsicles are adorable. The orange one, even though isn’t cute, was the favorite. 
  • The Crystal Lotus, at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, is the famous one with the cute Disney dim sums. You do need to order at least 24 hours before your reservation. 
The character donuts at Disney Hong Kong were huge and adorable. And very, very sweet. Grab one for the whole family and share! It's not to be missed!

I don’t even like donuts and we don’t really like Duffy, but these ones were just too cute to be true.


So, yeah, don’t expect some exquisite meals in the parks but know that the hotels have pretty good restaurants. 

Parades in Hong Kong Disneyland

While we were there, there were 3 parades happening throughout the day: Disney Friends Springtime Festival, ‘Disney Paint The Night’ Parade, and Flights of Fantasy Parade.

We missed the Flights of Fantasy on both days but we saw the other 2. 

Springtime Festival, at Disneyland Hong Kong, is the parade made for spring. It's adorable and it's when Zootopia characters show up. Must see!

This is Springtime Festival and it was a very cute parade, all flowery and happy. I highly recommend you stay near the Town Square so you can see the ending – where all the characters take a little break before leaving.

  • For the Springtime Festival, I recommend you go to Town Square. That’s where the parade ends and that’s where we saw Judy Hops and Nick Wilde. And all the characters took a moment there to pose for the photos we were taking, it was lovely. 
  • For the Paint the Night, the spot right in front of Command Post (where you meet Chewbacca and R2-D2) is an amazing place. It was relatively empty and pretty easy to get to if you, like us, enjoy Hyperspace Mountain. 
  • There was also the I Love Mickey projection show, which was cute, but nothing compared to the other Disney’s projection shows, to be honest. For this one, you’ll want to be at Mainstreet USA.
Since Sleeping Beauty's castle was closed, the projection show was on Main Street USA. It's a short projection (around 10 minutes) and it's pretty cute!

This is Main Street USA before the projection show ‘I Love Mickey’ (top photo) and during the show (bottom). It’s pretty cool but super crowded. After the show, it was really hard to leave the place. So. Many. People.

Hong Kong Disneyland shows

There are many shows in the park. The schedule is available on the official website and they change according to park opening hours and season, so check out closer to your visit. 

  • Festival of The Lion King

This is so very much like the one from Disney Orlando, with the animal carts, the music, and all the effects. 

It lasts for around 30 minutes and it can get very crowded, so try to see it in the first session, which is the more empty. It’s also usually when the sun is high up, so it’s a great break. 

The best seats are right at the back, where it’s emptier e easier to see – unless it’s too crowded. 

Disney shows are always great and the Lion King show at Disney Hong Kong couldn't be different! We loved it!

Most people like Lion King, but even those who didn’t like the movies will enjoy this show. It’s a nice little musical and it’s pretty cool!


It’s on Adventureland and it’s great for kids of all ages. It gets a bit dark and there is a fire in some parts, which can scare the smaller kids sometimes. 

I suggest you go watch the movie before watching the show so that the kids will know the storyline and the songs. 

Guests of any of the Disney hotels have a seating area but we didn’t use them.  

  • Moana: a Homecoming Celebration

It’s a 20-minute show where Moana retells her adventures after going back to the Island of Motunui. It’s full of music, dancing, and it’s perfect for all ages – if they liked the movie, even better! 

  • Mickey and the Wondrous Book

It’s a half-an-hour show with music, many characters (with Mickey, Pluto, and Olaf being the main characters). 

We missed this one but it should be the best show in the park, so try to get it!

At the end of Springtime Festival parade, if you stay near the Town Square, you'll have a lot of time to take amazing photos and interact a bit with these Zootopia (Zootropolis) characters. Love!

Judy and Nick were super cute, and even their movements were like the ones in the movie. It’s a pity that they don’t have a spot for meets and greets, isn’t it?

Disney Photopass+

We bought the Disney Photopass + for one day (they only have a one day option) and we thought: ah, we’ll do all the photo things today so we can use it. It costs HK$398 (around US$ 50) so we thought we’d give it a try. 

The thing is: most character meetings don’t have a photographer. 

We also found this little problem. One Photopass+ only gives you free access to ONE Photopass card. And every single time you meet a character, you’re given a new card. If you ask them to put on your other card, they won’t like it and mostly, tell you no. On the rides, it’s doable, but not on the character meetings. 

So, at the end of the day, we had to go to the Photopass shop at Mainstreet USA and ask if they could join all our 20 cards into one. They did, but it took a while and it was another line to take. 

Hyperspace Mountain in Disneyland Hong Kong is a Star Wars ride and it's pretty cool. We rode it just so many times...

Ride it enough and you may be able to take a nap. Or not. We loved this roller coaster, really. It’s great, even for smaller kids. Coral (6) didn’t like the one in Tokyo, but she enjoyed this one.

All in all, the photos we took with our camera ended up being better, but it’s worth, even if for the very few ride photos. Very few indeed. Like in Hyperspace Mountain and Winnie the Pooh ride. 

You can hand your camera to the staff on the character meetings and they will take photos for you. 

Tips for visiting Hong Kong Disneyland with kids

We found Hong Kong Disney to be really good and fair. But, as with every other park, it has its ups and downs and a few tips to make it better!

  • During summer, park opening hours are shorter due to the heat, I guess. Even during these days, parts of Mainstreet USA and Town Square will be open at least an hour before the park opening. Arrive early if you want a photo with Mickey and Minnie to avoid the long queues. Baymax and Hiro too!
  • Bring something to cool you down – a portable fan, a hand fan, a cooling scarf. Anything helps. It’s really hot.
  • Don’t forget your hat and your sun protection – the sun is really strong!
  • Umbrellas: people seriously use umbrellas in the parks for shade. It’s really annoying and dangerous. I can’t even count the number of times I was stabbed by one of those umbrella spikes. And the worst is that after attempting to blind you, people will look at you disgusted and curse at you for defending yourself. 
  • Insect repellant is a must. There are many sandflies and mosquitos. It itches just by remembering them. 
Fancy eating some Mickey head? Look no more. Hong Kong Disneyland has these Mickey waffles that were a hit amongst my kids.

The Mickey waffles came in a Mickey shaped plate where the ears held 2 different sauces: chocolate and maple syrup. It was the snack we ate most – besides the popsicles, of course. And it was smaller than the donut.


  • We found Wednesday to be the best day. The longest line on the Wednesday we visited was around 20 minutes and it was for meeting Iron Man. On most of the rides, it was just the time it took to walk from the beginning of the line to the ride itself. 
  • Don’t miss the characters! They’re the best part of Disney!
  • There’s a bag check at the entrance and you’re not supposed to bring food from outside, but we got on with a pack of Oreos and water bottles just fine. 
  • There’s a no selfie stick rule BUT people use it anyway. We used our tripod with a shorter leg and it was fine, but when we tried to use it longer, we got told off. 
  • Leave the indoor activities (such as The Lion King show) for lunchtime as they’re closed and have air conditioning. 
  • Arrive as soon as the park opens – that’s when the lines are shorter. But at night, the lines are short too. Just beware that some parts of the park (like Adventureland and Toy Story Land) close earlier than others! Check out the time at the Main Square!
  • Use your Fastpass! 
The best thing of any Disney park are the characters. Make sure you visit them because they are the best!

We left our action camera on the mini tripod during the parades and the characters that saw it always waved or danced, or did something looking at it. Try it!

  • Avoid weekends and public holidays, as usual. 
  • Avoid summer – it’s really really really hot. We were there in May and we nearly died. For real. 
  • People DO try to cut the line – and it’s not subtle, they actually push you to the side so they can pass. You’ll need to stand your ground and say no. It works.
  • There is no early entry for hotel guests, so no use staying in a Disney Hotel for this.
  • Leave all the shopping to the time before the park opens of the time after the park closes. Main Street USA is the place to grab a souvenir and it opens an hour before the park and closes around half an hour after the rides. 

How many days do I need in Disneyland Hong Kong?

Well, it depends. It’s not a big park, so you can do a lot with little walking and the lines weren’t long. If you have your priorities sorted, your kids walk fine and you don’t need to see and do it all, one day is enough for sure. 

Egg puffs from Disneyland Hong Kong. They're very common in Hong Kong and they're pretty good!

Egg Puffs are very popular in Hong Kong, so of course, there’d be some at Disney. They are really good and fluffy – try once, you must!

If, on the other hand, you want to see everything, meet all the characters, ride all the rides, watch all the parades and shows, then you’d better get 2 days. 

We had 2 days and we still missed one parade and a few characters (OK, we did ride Hyperspace Mountain and Grizzly Mountain Railroad around 20 times). 

To finish it…

We loved Hong Kong Disneyland! 

We were a bit scared after reading a few reviews, honestly, but it was such a good experience! We loved the characters and the rides, and even on Thursday, when it was a lot more crowded, the longest line we took was of around 30 minutes. We even used our Fastpasses in 15-minute-lines! 

We found it to be a lot more cost-effective than Tokyo Disneyland. 

Even though not all cast members speak English, it’s easy to understand and communicate. And most characters do speak English, so bonus point!

We highly recommend a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland to all families!

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