Bye Peru, Hello Colombia!

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It’s time to say goodbye to Peru – for now – and start on Colombia!

While Peru was a food paradise, Colombia beat it. I mean, Colombia was perfect in every single way!

Cusco’s beauty and incredible food, Lima’s heat and ruins and buzz and beaches, we loved it.

We traveled from Lima to Cusco and from Cusco to Lima by LC Peru, a low-cost airway in Peru. It was fine, it left on time and reached the destination before the scheduled time, bags arrived safely all the time, we had no problems with them. We heard, though, that they tend to cancel lots of flights, so beware.

Peru has something for everyone for sure!

Colombia, though, I’m saying it, was my favorite American country so far. Bogotá has the food, Medellín has the weather. It’s cheap, it’s relatively safe, it’s a PERFECT family destination!

On the next posts, we’ll share more about that incredible country with you!

It was also our last South American country! Perfect closure here!

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