Bye Canada, Hello Costa Rica – traveling in Canada with kids and the plans for Costa Rica

This is the farewell to Canada on the blog + a few useful tips for those traveling to Canada for the first time - especially those with kids! And the plans for Costa Rica, of course!

A pin to make busy lives a bit easier!

We’re ending our Canada series and entering our Costa Rica series now on the blog.

As we always do, we’ll give our some tips for traveling in Canada with kids and our plans for Costa Rica!


In Canada, we concentrated in Ontario and Quebec. We had 2 weeks in Toronto, a week in Ottawa, 3 weeks in Montreal, and 3 weeks in Quebec City.

We loved all of them, and despite a few problems along the way, it was awesome. Canada (at least that little part of it) felt a lot like NZ, and we felt somewhat at home. Well, less in Quebec City due to language problems.

We traveled inside Canada with Via Rail. At first, we considered going to Vancouver by train, but the price was ridiculously high so we gave up. We decided to stay in the central-eastern part of it and go west on the next time.

What you can’t miss in Canada

Canada is a lovely country to visit, even more so with kids. It was a fantastic experience all around!

It was Canada’s 150th anniversary when we were there and we saw a lot of those letters while there. We loved it! We love a city and country signs, really.

– Have a poutine. I mean it. SO good! It’s fries with gravy and cheese, but there are many variations. Try them all. We’ll all die anyway, what’s the good thing about being skinny? 😛

– Try maple taffy on snow. It’s just a maple syrup taffy rolled like a lollipop – on the ice during summer and on snow during winter months. Lovely stuff, just very sweet.

– Well, actually, try everything maple. Yeah, you’re in Canada, just try everything maple. Everything is awesome. Maple ice cream, tea, chocolate, cake, meringue, sauce, seriously everything.

– Walk. It’s so beautiful everywhere! Very worth walking around. It’s beautiful, safe, and easy to get everywhere by public transport. Plus, you’ll burn out a few of the calories acquired above.

Travel by train. It can be cheaper than flying, it just needs a bit of work. It’s hassle free and the waiting time is so much shorter. Plus, the views are worth it!

– Canada is expensive, so budget wisely. Cooking is a great way to keep costs as low as possible, and walking instead of using taxis or other transportation method is also great.

Our plans for Costa Rica

We’ve actually just left Costa Rica, but since we’re only starting this series on the blog, I’ll keep in the future tense.

We’ll visit Manuel Antonio and try to spot a sloth in nature, spend some time in Limón and its Caribbean beaches, then spend a week in San José to have a bit of a city feel and give the skin a rest from all the beaches.

If everything goes well, we’ll try zip lining as a family. Who knows what else we’ll be able to do there? We’ll have only 3 weeks, and although we’d probably be able to do a lot more than that with a car, we decided on concentrating on those 3 places and enjoy what they have to offer slowly and thoroughly.

If you have any questions about Canada, don’t hesitate on contacting us!

If you’re planning a trip to Canada or Costa Rica, I recommend you go look through our Pinterest boards, as they have a lot of valuable information!

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