Bye bye, NZ!

auckland, nz

A little walk in NZ is always full of beauty

We’ve been out of NZ for almost a week now.

To be really honest, I’m just so tired and having so much fun here in Japan that I haven’t had the time to feel anything – I felt sadder when we were about to leave.
I’m sure it will come, though, when the adrenaline drops.
auckland harbour

Auckland Harbour, all full of beauty

We had an awesome time in our South Island trip and our week in Rotorua, but I need to say Auckland is just awesome. Our last 3 weeks in NZ were spent in Auckland and they were great.
Maybe it’s the friends, maybe it’s because it was unusually sunny for an Auckland winter, or maybe it’s because we were in the city and we had everything we loved (almost everything – the beaches we love most were far) within walking distance.
It really was a blast.
We walked a lot around the harbor, on Queen Street, around Britomart; had dinner with lovely friends; spend hours and hours talking about everything with a beloved family; ate loads of ice creams and burgers; we caught a lot of Pokémons (Pokémon Go, haha), took tons of photos. Melissa spent a lot of time with her friends and the boys and Coral also had fun with theirs.
  • For our last night in NZ, we slept in the Jet Park hotel, near the airport. The family room was huge, everything was super clean, comfortable and worked perfectly (even the air conditioning if you’ve seen us on Instagram of Facebook, you’d know I was having a bit of trouble). They have great service, the workers were very friendly and nice. We loved it. They let us in 2 hours before the check-in time and it was a relief. It’s super close to the airport, but we heard no plane sounds at all. In the morning, we had the continental breakfast and we loved it. It was all great, really, we had a great time there.
at the hotel

Jet Park hotel family room

We will miss you, NZ, you with your beautiful roads, beaches, animals, cities, and people! And we’ll be back before you know it!
And below is our last (for now) video of NZ!


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