Bye Bolivia and Hello Peru!

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Our time in Bolivia had incredible trips: to Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni salt flats) and Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku) ruins. Our time in La Paz was almost all spent in bed – not the best month of our travel at all. But it was incredible, it was SO different from everywhere else in South America, such a great time!

The kids enjoyed Bolivian food and the restful month.

We didn’t have the health to go visit Lake Titicaca, but it was still fun! I really hope we can go back someday, take the time to acclimatize properly, and see everything Bolivia has to offer.

A few tips for those of you with a Bolivian trip coming up:
– Taxi Magnifico (in La Paz) is the only company that runs during the night. You can schedule by phone a day prior.
– BRING toilet paper and hand sanitizer. You almost always receive a piece of toilet paper when you pay your toilet entrance fee (males and females pay and receive the same amount of toilet paper) BUT most of the times, the toilets are filthy and you’ll want to wipe around – you’ll need more. They sell some toilet rolls with mini ones in the middle (at the supermarkets) that are handy to carry. I still have 2 mini rolls in my bag. Soap is non-existent.
– Taxis, food, and healthcare are super cheap (do have an insurance, though).
– Bolivians are super friendly and helpful.

This is the end of our Bolivian adventure on the blog – now we start our Peruvian series!

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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