Bucket lists – Melissa & Joao

Melissa’s bucket list

bucket list-mel

Melissa’s bucket list

1. Visit all the Disney parks.

I love Disney!

So why not add it to my bucket list.

Just imagine being able to say you have been to all the Disneys.

And Disney is the most magical place on earth!

2. Go to Paris.

I have always wanted to go to Paris.

To see the Eiffel Tower or to try one one of those sweets!

3. Make a perfect cupcake.

I can make amazing cupcakes, obviously.

But I want to make a PERFECT CUPCAKE!!!!

A perfect shaped cupcake, make the perfect frosting and then I don’t know, SPRINKLES!!

4. Go to London.

London looks amazing it looks so magical!!!

And let’s not forget London is Harry Potter!!

5. Write a book and let someone read it.

I have written sooooooooo many books, but I want to write a book and let anyone who wants read it.

I have only ever let my brothers or my BFFs read it.

6. Make a very good piece of art.

I love my artworks but I want and know I can improve so I will.

One day I will do an amazing piece of art.

7. Meet a Youtuber.

I really want to meet a Youtuber I watch.

I watch sooooo many Youtubers that I can’t just pick one but, My favourite Youtubers are Aphmau and Ldshadowlady!

8. Write a song and let someone read it.

I have so many songs, but I never finish them.

Soo maybe one day I will finish one!

9. Read all the books from Youtubers I watch.

I have already read Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour by Zoella but there is still much I want to read like Pointless Book by Pointless Blog, Generation Next by Oli White and much more.

10. Success at making cake pops.

Because last time I made them they failed very, very badly…

11. Start a Youtube channel. 


Hello, everyone!

Ok, so I have always wanted to but before I start a youtube channel I need to pick up the courage to record something!!

12. Complete a Rubix Cube.

I have never completed a Rubix Cube if I completed it I would probably brag about it for the next 100 years of my life.

13. Visit all the Universal Studios park.

It’s mostly because I love Harry Potter and there are special Harry Potter parks in Universal Studios.

But it’s still very magical to join all the Universal Studio magic!!!

14. Make a 3 layered cake.

Make a cake, make another one, and then one more.

Stack them up and voi là!

15. Build a snowman.

Build. A. Snowman.

I want to enjoy the snow and build a little snowman!!!!

A little person made out of snow with a little carrot nose!

16. Throw a surprise party for someone.


Just kidding.

I just want to throw a surprise party for someone and make them smile.

17. Find a four leafed clover.

I am pretty sure I have already done this but I want to do it again, find the little lucky leaf.

18. Carve a pumpkin.

I have always wanted to carve a pumpkin.

I heard it’s really messy and gross but I want to anyway!!!

19. Get a pair of white shoes and decorate them.

There are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many things you can do with a pair of white shoes!

And how cool would it be to have your own little unique pair?

I am not doing a watermelon on it. Never.

20. See a shooting star.

Probably the hardest on my list.

I have always wanted to see one, and I hope one day I will.

Anyway, this is where I am going to leave this post for today.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Feel free to Message, Comment your opinions and if you have any questions make sure to ask!!

I will do my very best to reply!

And don’t forget to tell me something that is on your bucket list!!

Thanks for reading this post, See you next time!

Bye Bye~

Love Melissa



Da bucket lesta from Joao

Postasius postius 

bucket list-joao

Joao’s bucket list

Hey, it’s João (Pronounced John) and today we are doing a post on my bucket list!  (If you have any of these things on your list, we have some things in common!)

Okay get ready ’cause this is gonna be big!

1: Play on five different types of video game consoles. Because I love video games .

2:  Get my fan fiction on Aphmau’s YouTube channel Because I’m obsessed with Aphmau and I’ve written 3 fan fictions

3: Meet Aphmau (I’m obsessed with Aphmau – she’s a YouTuber). (Again!)

4: Eat 100 more plates of spaghetti. Because I love spaghetti a lot!

5: Read a book approximately 10 hours long. Because I am an official bookworm  (okay not official)

6: Eat the best Ramen in Japan. Because I love Ramen

7: Go to 3 more Universal studios. Because I love Universal Studios

8: Go to 3 more Disney parks. Because I love Disney! Disney! Disney!

9: Read 10 more Garfield comics. Because Garfield is hilarious

10: Go to Pokémon Center Tokyo.  Because I love Pokémon! (Who doesn’t?)

11: See a rare species of Eagles. Because I love eagles

12: Go to Nara park Japan. Because I love deers

13: See 10 uncommon species of Animals (at least 1 fox).  Because I love animals plus, who wouldn’t like to see a fox?

14: Get at least 5 more Pokémon-related things.  Because, once again, I love Pokémon

15: Go to at least 5 mythology related places. Because I love Greek Mythology

16: See a snowflake / Build a 3 piece snowman. Because I love snow

17: Go to Puzzling World Wanaka New Zealand. Because it sounds incredibly mysterious

18: Finish at least one series of Minecraft Mini Figures. Because I’ve been collecting them for a while now plus I love Minecraft

19: Eat the best stroganoff in Russia. Because stroganoff is incredibly incredible! So the best should be even better!

20: Go to Odyssey Sensory Maze. Because I wanted something different!

21: Go to the Parthenon. Because I love mythology

22: Go to the Coliseum. Because I love mythology  (again)

23: Create 20 more Rolls of Yumminess (ham rolls). Because I created them and they are suprisingly good (ham rolls)

24: Create 30 more Balls of Yumminess (bread balls). Because I created them and they are suprisingly good (bread balls)

25: Meet PopularMMOs (if you dont know him too bad). Because I love his channel and he’s incredibly popular_MMOs Get it?

26: Watch a 3-hour movie. Because that sounds really cool

27: Get an IPhone. Because iPhones are cool

28: Have 3 more picnics. Because picnics are picnics and awesome

29: Eat a 3 bread ham sandwich. Because who wouldn’t?

30: Eat 5 more lasagnas. Because lasagnas are really good


To see the parent’s bucket list, click here!


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