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We’re going to start a post series here about bucket lists. We’ll start with mine and Angelo’s because it’s done and the kids are still working on theirs. So, for the next 3 Mondays, we’ll have bucket list galore.


thais' bucket list

Thais’ bucket list

  1. Ride a dragon
  2. See the southern and northern lights
  3. Swim with dolphins
  4. Swim with whales
  5. Swim with turtles
  6. Learn kayaking
  7. Learn archery
  8. Learn at least 2 more languages
  9. Learn how to play the guitar
  10. Learn scuba dive
  11. Visit the baobab forest in Madagascar
  12. Visit a movie set
  13. Visit all the countries in the world
  14. Visit the Harry Potter Studios
  15. Visit the Amazon
  16. Take beloved but not my own kids on a trip
  17. Take a long train trip
  18. Tattoo myself
  19. Zipline
  20. Live in an RV
  21. Be strong
  22. Go paragliding
  23. Spend a whole summer at the beach
  24. Play paintball
  25. Go on honeymoon
  26. Travel around NZ’s South Island during summer
  27. Pretend to be Atreyu riding Grograman at 7 Colored Earths, Mauritius.
  28. See the star sanded beach in Japan
  29. Roadtrip around an entire continent
  30. See my kids all grown up


angelo's bucket list

Angelo’s bucket list

  1. travel alone with Thais
  2. road trip (continental)
  3. dive with family
  4. visit ancient 7 wonders
  5. visit modern 7 wonders
  6. behind scenes Disney
  7. el Camino de Santiago
  8. watch a soccer game in Europe
  9. traditional bamboo tattoo
  10. an RV class a
  11. be part of a movie
  12. play casino in Vegas
  13. do a cruise
  14. hands-free computer and camera
  15. trans-Siberian tour

I hope you get inspired by them, make your list and let us see it!


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