Bucket list, Jose and Coral

jose bucket list

Jose’s bucket list

Jose’s bucket list

1- fly on a witches broom

Oh…….how I wish magic existed! if it did then one of the things I would rush for is a witches broom.

2-pokemon museum

I LOVE POKEMON (if you don’t know what Pokemon is then too bad) I’ve got Pokemon cards and I’m just a total fan of Pokemon, I just REALLY LIKE Pokemon, and Pokemon museum is just a huge store of Pokemon stuff,

3- New Zealand’s highest swing

I actually didn’t want to do this in the first place but then I started thinking about how fun it would be so I decided I wanted to do it. Besides, I love swings,

4- breakfast

I love breakfast. who doesn’t like breakfast?

5- visit two more Disneys around  the world

I love Disney and am pretty sure that everyone does (but if you don’t like Disney then I was wrong). One of my favorite Disney movies is Wall-E, it is really cool,

6- visit two more universals

I love universal. Who doesn’t  (well, I don’t know if you don’t like universal)? One of my favorite universal movies is despicable me, I like the minions in despicable me,

7- eat a huge wild mix of ice cream

Well, I always loved ice cream and I always liked trying new things out so I thought of making a huge wild combination of ice   cream and once I do it I hope it will taste really good,

8- paragliding 

I always wanted to have the chance to fly, as a new experience, so I thought of paragliding and when I get to do it I bet it will be very exciting!

9- go to two more x-treme entertainments 

The first time we went to x-treme entertainment it was for my birthday and it was really fun, so I thought that if we go again 2 more times it might be really exciting.

10- play 5 more video games

I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!! I’m sorry about that I just really like video games, so I put this on my bucket list: I want to play five more video games,

11- trampoline

I have jumped on a trampoline before but everywhere we go there are no trampolines and I miss trampolines, so I thought of putting jump on a trampoline again on my bucket list

12- ghibli studios

I LOVE TOTORO! ahem, let me explain, TOTORO IS ADORABLE! I also liked spirited away it’s kind of creepy but I still liked it, kikis delivery service is a cute movie too, PONYO IS ADORABLE! All of the ghibli studios movies are adorable and that is why I want to go to ghibli studios.

13- Suzuka circuit 

Suzuka circuit is an amusement park of vehicles we have gone there before but I forgot everything that happened, so I want to go there again,

14- travel around the world

We are doing that but I want to complete our trip.

15- swim

I knew how to swim but then I forgot, so I want to learn how to swim again,

16- make a rock bounce on the water 7 times

I can make a rock bounce on the water but the maximum I could do was 4 bounces.

17- japan 

I miss japan even though we went to japan already but I forgot everything that happened, so I want to go to japan again and regain memories.

18- climb a mountain 

The first time we hiked I thought it would be boring. WRONG, it was really cool, so I thought climbing a mountain would be really fun.

19- visit two more kiwis houses 

We went to Otorohanga kiwi house and I really liked it so I want to go to 2 more kiwi houses for some fun.

20- go to two more zoo’s 

My brother’s the fan of animals but I still really like animals, so I decided I want to go to 2 more zoos around the world.

21- hug a baby platypus.

My mom showed me a video of somebody feeding a platypus and the baby platypus was ADORABLE!! I can’t resist it’s adorableness so that’s why I want to hug a baby platypus.


coral bucket list

Coral’s bucket list

Coral’s bucket list

– fly on an airplane. 

(She drew a plane, in case you didn’t understand it!)

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