Brazil, so far – by Melissa

Hello, everyone!! Today I will be talking about Brazil (so far).
Hopefully, this goes well… Let’s do this.

airplane window view

The Flight to Salvador.

Here in Brazil, we’ve not been doing anything big, mostly just spending time with family and friends.
There wasn’t much I wanted to do here, and we aren’t gonna be doing many of the things we had planned, such as going to Rio, we will no longer be going there.

We stayed the first month (October) resting, just doing some little things such as going to the mall, but does that count as exploring??

I don’t remember much about things here in Brazil from the last time we came, but out of the little things I remember, it hasn’t changed at all.

farol da barra salvador

Barra Lighthouse, Salvador.

Just the same huge amount of rubbish on the floor and the same huge amount of abandoned dogs.

But I’m not gonna say Brazil‘s this really sad trashy place because there are pretty places, such as Salvador.
Salvador is pretty, it’s got the beach side and the more city/homely side of things.
We were awfully lucky to have gotten good weather on most of our days there, like, we stayed two weeks and only two days actually rained!
Every day we spent in Salvador, sunny or rainy, was extremely hot.
Hottest weather ever… Even at night, it was hot, we had to sleep with the fan on but we didn’t want to because it was so noisy!!

projeto tamar bahia

Coral posing for the photo at Projeto Tamar.

But there’s more to just everything being boiling hot.

We got to ride the Lacerda Elevator (the first elevator in the world used for public transport), it was just like a normal elevator, boring.
Also, we saw all the colorful houses which were all pretty but I think the best part was getting to eat ice cream every single day, EVERY SINGLE DAY.
We went to the Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, so we could see all the ribbons tied to the fencing.

There’s a lot of cats there, Coral wanted to take one home but our grandma is scared of cats so she didn’t let us…
I also smashed my finger in the car door and had to go to the hospital thinking I broke my finger, I didn’t.
We also hopped over to Projeto Tamar to see turtles and pat sharks, well I didn’t pat the shark.

Salvador was pretty cool, we also ended up going to Ilha Comprida.

salvador bahia brazil

Bomfim church and the colorful ribbons.

We stayed in this very stinky house, which looked nice on the outside but was ugly and stink on the inside. We actually had to go buy cleaning products to remove the smell and clean the floor. We really enjoyed going out because the smell was pretty bad.
We got to eat pizza every day at the same place, at least it was good.  And on the day we go to Cananeia, everything looked lovely, we even took a little boat and everything was lovely.
But sadly the moment we got off the boat it started to rain…
At least we got to enjoy the beach a little, we got to see dolphins, my auntie and João got stung by jellyfish, saw vultures eating fish’s eyeballs, to me, it was a pretty fun weekend.

In São Paulo we haven’t done much, just seeing family and friends.
We’ve been spending a lot of time in Itanhaem, it’s mostly just beaches.

Lately, it hasn’t been sunny so we haven’t been to the beach,  it’s also very dirty, they have a lot of trash lying around on the floor. actually, so does Salvador.

cananeia boat ride

Boat ride in Cananeia.

And in Peruíbe, there’s this little market thing that’s always open on the weekends.
It’s got a lot of cool little things, such as jewelry and flower crowns.
Oh and there’s also these little necklaces that have a grain of rice in then and on the grain of rice there’s your name written on it, it’s really cool.
There’s also this little theme park next to the market. It’s kinda weird but we went on some rides anyway!

So far Brazil had been pretty good, hopefully, it stays this way for the rest of out time here!!

So, shall we end this post here?

Thank you so much for reading this post! Really hope you enjoyed if you did make sure to leave a comment telling me what you thought!

Until next time everyone!!

Bye bye~

Melissa <3


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  1. Tatiana Saito
    Tatiana Saito says:

    Poxa, Mel, a gente precisava ter feito mais coisas, né? Você ia amar Ubatuba, onde tem praias lindas (e limpas).

    Na próxima vez a gente viaja mais. O Brasil é tão lindo e cheio de lugares pra visitar. E não é só lixo e fedor (apesar de ter muito disso em todos os lugares por aqui! Ahahahhaha)


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