The best things in Brazil – by José

Hi, and welcome to my post about what I think were the best things in Brazil, hope you like it 😇

No°1 food

In Brazil, there is a bunch of good food, just like Japan, and there also is Japanese food.

sushi in brazil

Sushi boat from a Japanese restaurant in Brazil

But my favorite food in Brazil are these:

a Coxinha is a little snack, it’s basically a dough made of mashed potato and egg and it has a chicken filling, it is really good

A pastel is a dough, but a good one, and it has many types of fillings, like cheese, meat, cheese and meat, etc, but, even though a pastel is only a dough with a filling inside, it is incredibly good

Now a brigadeiro is a dessert, so a brigadeiro is a little ball made out of: condensed milk and cocoa, and it also it covered in sprinkles, it might sound like a nothing, but it is really good.

Now those foods are what I think are the best foods in Brazil, you should try them!

No°2 Museum of the Parque da Água Branca
In that museum, there is a bunch of crystals, it’s a really small museum but it is a really cool museum,

black andradite

Black Andradite from the museum

That crystal is a Black Andradite stone, interesting, isn’t it?


fluorite crystal

Fluorite crystals

And those are the fluorite crystals.

Blue Calcarenite

Blue Calcarenite

That is a Calcarenite stone


sulphur stone

Sulphur stone

this yellow stone is a sulfur stone.


plasma rock

Plasma rock

this rock has a cool name, this rock is a plasma rock, I wonder if it has plasma energy. Now those were some of the things that I saw at the museum.

No°3, now, it’s the last, but it’s the best, for me anyway, and this one is… That we could see our family again. because we stayed in New Zealand for 6 years, and we didn’t see our family for 6 years, so we started traveling around the world.


Photo of me and my godparents


Photo of me with my brothers and grandmother

We saw our family again, but now we left Brazil and all of our family was in Brazil, it was kind of sad.

Well, that was my post for today, I hoped you liked it, please subscribe to our channel.

And that’s it! Bye!!

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