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Uruguay – by Melissa

It’s not a very nice feeling when you sit down and start writing and half way through, your legs get the pins and needles… Honestly, not nice… Anyway, let’s start this post now…. Okay, I’ll admit it, Uruguay is quite pretty indeed. In some places, there are these really old buildings, but in some places, you are teleported […]

Brazil, so far – by Melissa

Hello, everyone!! Today I will be talking about Brazil (so far). Hopefully, this goes well… Let’s do this. Here in Brazil, we’ve not been doing anything big, mostly just spending time with family and friends. There wasn’t much I wanted to do here, and we aren’t gonna be doing many of the things we had […]

The Flight- Tokyo to São Paulo, by Melissa

  The flight to São Paulo was okay, there was no bad egg smells within the flight and stuff like that… But the seats were terrible and we couldn’t sleep much because there was a baby crying the whole flight… There are two flights in our journey, one flight was from Tokyo to Abu Dhabi, […]

Cute and strange things in japan – by Melissa

Just a few little products and toys stuff like that. Because every little thing in Japan is extremely cute! Or not so cute… Most of these little, cute, strange, fun things are found in dollar stores, but they sometimes can be found in a gift shop or a stationery store. 1.  Miniature pencils. So we […]

GHIBLI STUDIOS – by Melissa (13)

We went here summer 2016. Ghibli Studios, Japan. First, no pictures were allowed to be taken within the museum, only outside so not many pictures. We started our day normally, get up, get ready, etc. Somewhere near midday, we leave for the train. We may or may not have gotten a little lost at the train […]

DISNEY SEA!!! by Melissa

We went there summer 2016. Disney Sea, Japan. Why do you have to be so hot, Japan?!?! You could have helped us at least this one day! Ok, let’s start where the adventure starts. ‘Cause it was quite an adventure… So first we wake up at 6am (like every other day here in Japan). Then […]

KAIKOURA!! by Melissa

HI it’s Melissa here!! Today I shall be talking about what we have done in Kaikoura! Let’s get started…. Kaikoura, New Zealand. We came here Winter 2016. When there was snow on the mountain but not enough to reach our feet. 1. Whale Watch Honestly, I was really scared because I get seasick so it was […]


Hi! it’s Melissa here!! Today I am going to be writing about the up’s and downs about leaving, let’s go!!     There are many good things and bad things about leaving like….. UP’S 1 New places to visit! new things to see! 2 New foods and treats! taste a new flavour even if it […]