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The best things in Brazil – by José

Hi, and welcome to my post about what I think were the best things in Brazil, hope you like it 😇 No°1 food In Brazil, there is a bunch of good food, just like Japan, and there also is Japanese food. But my favorite food in Brazil are these: COXINHA a Coxinha is a little […]

Best and Worst Things – by José

Hello, and welcome to my post about the best and worst things about our trip! Hope you like it! I think the trip is good so far, let me explain: So the best thing about our trip so far is Japan, like in New Zealand the streets were way to filled with people, but in […]

Salvador – by José

Hello, and welcome to my post about Salvador BA (Bahia). Hope you like it. We went to Bahia by airplane, the plane trip took 2 hours, and the airport in Bahia was really small, smaller than the airport in Guarulhos, then my dad rented a car for us, but the van took so long to […]

Jose’s top 10 on this trip

Welcome to my post about the TOP 10 things about our trip so far No.1 Disney Sea Tokyo Disney Sea is a park where all your dreams come true (says Walt Disney). We have been to Disney Sea before but I forgot absolutely everything, so I wanted to regain some memories, and it was really […]

Jose’s favorite things in Japan

Welcome to my post about what I liked most about Japan, hope you liked it 😜😝😛     1• Universal Studios Japan I really wanted to go to Universal, and then we actually went!! I was so happy, even though it wasn’t as fun as how I thought it would be because it was filled […]

Universal Studios Japan, by José

Hey, it’s Jose here and welcome to my post about Universal Studios, hope you like it 😛! We went to universal at the 23 of September 2016 and that was in Halloween times. We have entered the park!! So first we were going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but you need tickets to […]

Te Puia, by Jose

Te Puia is a village of māoris. It smells pretty bad (due to the sulfur) but it’s worth going there, let me tell you why: 1- the famous Pohutu Geyser. You can watch the Pohutu Geyser erupt, it is amazing! (You might get a little sprinkled with cold water) and you can take as many […]