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Uruguay, by João (11)

Hey, it’s João and today we will be doing a post on Uruguay!!!! This is the beginning of the world trip to places we’ve never been before, so I hope you enjoy it. 1: Arriving At Montevideo. When we arrived at Montevideo, there was still stuff in English, because we were at the airport, so […]

Project Tamar, by João

Hey it’s João and today we’re doing a post on Project Tamar Salvador-BA. Project Tamar is a save the sea turtles project located in plenty of bases in Brazil. I liked this because I like animals in general. But sea turtles. Yeah, a bit too cool for me. If only you could touch the turtles. […]

Eleven Things I Liked Most In Japan

Hey, it’s João and today I’m going to do a post on eleven things I liked most about Japan. We didn’t stay there too long, so we didn’t do everything someone would want to do or everywhere someone would want to go. (Or eat everything someone would want to eat). This is by far the […]

2 Must Go Restaurants In Japan by João

Hey, it’s João and welcome back to another post! Yay! This post is a tasty post! No, literally! It’s about food! It’s about 2 restaurants I really loved! And it’s gonna include a special extra that Melissa wanted me to do! The first one is… Kappa Sushi! It’s really really good! It’s a pretty big […]

Trick Art Museum, Tokyo, by Joao

Hello, it’s Joao and today I’m doing a post on the Tokyo Trick Art Museum! I really enjoyed it, so it’s gonna be good! Ok, you enter by traveling back in time to the Edo period. It’s labeled the Edo area. Note: most of it is in the Edo period. It begins with a lady […]

Getting into Tokyo – by João

Hey its João and today’s post will be about the trip to Japan! First things first, we’ll begin about boredom. I’m always bored, especially when it’s a long trip. Not the best thing, but I like to think what it’ll be like when we get there. I’ve been there before but it was long ago, […]

In Between Houses

Hey, it’s João and today I’m going to do a Post on the boooo-ring car rides. Well, for me, it’s simply the worst. Just the worst. I’ll give you three reasons why: 1: I stay awake the longest in the family (after dad). 2: There’s nothing to do. 3: It’s either too hot, or it’s […]