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Backpack – From 85L to 50L

20 months have passed since I’ve bought and 15 months using my backpack. On top of that, it took a few months and many visits to many stores until the final decision. Crazy? Maybe. But since I was looking for a big, comfortable and right fit for me, I think it was ok. I went […]

Money: Before and During Travels

Here we go. Money! Money is a big concern when travelling and It drives all our decisions. A place to eat or stay, what kind of product to buy and how to travel from place A to B. Of course, like anyone, we do have moments when we blow our budget for a fun experience! […]

First Year’s Review, by Angelo

  Maybe this is the hardest post I ever wrote and probably will be the most sentimental one. Sorry about it! One year has passed. One year since we left what we thought to be our last stop, our last move and so far, we’ve visited more places in one year than in our entire […]

Cheap Flights and How to Find Them

Flights, are one of the most expensive items while travelling, especially if you are a digital-long-term-traveller-nomadic-family like us. Yet, there are some easy ways of reducing its expenses. I’ll try to summarise a few tools and methods to do so without using frequent flyer miles and credit card hacks (maybe a topic for later, when […]

Digital Nomad and Tourism

When we say or think about tourism, first though that comes up is the vacation, right? Days when we can forget about everything. Forget about work and our daily obligation and simply enjoy the place, moment or just shut down. For most of us, life is pretty much like this. We work, so we can […]

What is Digital Nomad and How to become one

There are so many types of digital nomads that it’s actually hard to come up with just one description. However, what they all have in common is that they spend at least a few months of the year abroad, change their destinations frequently (usually every few weeks but can stay months), and earn a living […]

Digital Nomad – Reality

As a successful digital nomad you are going to be accused of selling an impossible dream. People are going to call you nothing but another scammer who is paid by a company to leave the impression he is enjoying a happy life traveling the world. Is this the reality? No! Not at all! Just like […]

Japan, 2008 and 2016!

I’m a bit suspicious to talk about Japan, but here we go. Japan is a funny place, magic, catchy, weird and unique. Full of surprises each place you go and walk. November 2008, we arrived for the first time, it was supposed to be a few months trip only but we end up staying for […]