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Digital Nomad and Tourism

When we say or think about tourism, first though that comes up is the vacation, right? Days when we can forget about everything. Forget about work and our daily obligation and simply enjoy the place, moment or just shut down. For most of us, life is pretty much like this. We work, so we can […]

What is Digital Nomad and How to become one

There are so many types of digital nomads that it’s actually hard to come up with just one description. However, what they all have in common is that they spend at least a few months of the year abroad, change their destinations frequently (usually every few weeks but can stay months), and earn a living […]

Japan, 2008 and 2016!

I’m a bit suspicious to talk about Japan, but here we go. Japan is a funny place, magic, catchy, weird and unique. Full of surprises each place you go and walk. November 2008, we arrived for the first time, it was supposed to be a few months trip only but we end up staying for […]