Animals we’ve seen so far – part 1, by Joao

Hey, it’s João and today we are doing a post about animals we’ve seen so far. I’m totally an animal geek so tell me in the comments if I over react.

Part one: Atlantic Ghost Crab. Ocypode Quadrata, Brazil.

Atlantic ghost crab

Mr. Crabs

We were in Cananéia, taking a walk with my aunt’s family, at the beach, when we saw a small yellow crab. If you think that it’s not the Atlantic Ghost crab, please say so. I’ll gladly hear you out.
Anyway, continuing, it was just there. Simply standing there, doing nothing about its life. As we went closer, it slowly moved away. Until it made a sudden dash for the water.
When it got to the edge of the water, It just sunk into the sand. Just like a ghost. Creepy. Maybe it was named that for a reason. That it sinks into sand…

Some people apparently call it the ” occult, secretive alien from the ancient depths of the sea.” Even creepier.

Part two: Sika Deer, Cervus Nippon, Japan.

nara deer

Deer bites dad’s bum

This was hilarious. They run, bite, chase, sometimes bow, and bite more! All they actually want is a shika senbei, a cracker you can buy in packs for 150¥. One of them actually bit my dad’s butt. LOL.
Going there is free, it’s called Nara Park, and there is an overwhelming amount of them. There are also a few temples, also a few pagodas, but those you have to pay for. But we went to them anyways!

Apparently, the shika deer used to be found in the northern part of Vietnam, and far in the northeast Russia, but now uncommon to those areas, except in Japan, where it’s overfilled with them. It’s actually scary how many there are.

Part three: Nurse shark, Ginglymostoma cirratum, Brazil.

shark tamar salvador brazil

Look at the shark!!!

This was at the Project Tamar, which has a paid entrance but is completely worth it, and totally awesome because of all the sea creatures, so it was too cool.
This shark was pretty lazy and only comes up for food. It just stays there at the bottom of the tank, waiting for something to happen. When they were giving food to it, we could touch it, and when it was our family’s turn, everyone patted it, I got pushed to the tail, and the shark left. So I didn’t get to even touch the shark. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!

I was so excited, but I didn’t manage to touch it. Buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

I didn’t find out much about this shark, except that it can grow up to 3.08 meters long! Not much of a surprise there.

Part four: Leatherback turtle hatchlings, Dermochelys coriacea, Brazil.

leatherback turtle hatchlings salvador brazil

Baby turtles!!!!!!!

This was also at the Project Tamar, I was so excited to see the leatherback, I saw a sign right beside a tank, and I thought “this is it!” But it wasn’t. The closest thing to it was its hatchlings. They were so freaking adorable!!! If there was anything so adorable as that I would freak out!!!!!!
Sorry, let’s get back to the real stuff. These turtles are also known as the lute turtle, or the leathery turtle, it’s the 4th heaviest modern reptile behind three crocodiles. Its shell is different from other turtles since most turtle shells are bony. This one isn’t, it’s just skin and oily flesh. Strange huh?

Part five: falcon which looks like the New Zealand falcon but I’m not sure, I think it’s a Falco novaeseelandiae, not very sure, if anyone knows, please tell me, Brazil.

falcon handling

I’m holding a falcon!

It looks like the New Zealand falcon, perfectly in every way, but I might just be imagining things. Perfectly fine if I’m wrong, please do tell me if you know.

Okay, it was the last day we were in Salvador, so we went to the elevator Lacerda, to go to the market below. Before we went down I saw an eagle! Then we went down. When we went back up, it was still there! Yay! I wanted to see it, I and dad went, it wasn’t only an eagle, there was also a falcon and a hawk! Wow! Dad asked which one I wanted to see, I was about to choose the eagle when it flapped its wing really wide and I got a little freaked out. So instead I chose the small falcon. The person asked me if I wanted to hold it and I said yes, so she handed me a glove, a really heavy one, and the falcon on top of it. She took a photo and asked if I wanted it posted on the website, and I said yeah!

If you enjoyed this post be sure to leave a like and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, and I’ll see you next time!!! Bye!!!

From 😎João😎



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