All about New Zealand travel for families with kids

New Zealand is the home we chose, it’s where we base ourselves when we’re not traveling, and it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Traveling around NZ is a dream most traveler have. I can relate to that. We did it and we're sharing everything we know about NZ travel with kids here!

A pin made for you!

It’s super safe, it’s easy going, it’s incredible. It’s also Middle Earth (if you have no idea what that means, I think you need to read Tolkien – or maybe watch some movies, like The Hobbit, and The Lord of The Rings).

The country is small and perfect for a road trip. Have you ever thought about renting a camper and driving for weeks? Well, this is the perfect place for it!

I think its only flaw is the price tag. Everything is expensive, and the flight prices are ridiculous in and out.



There are the 2 main islands: North Island (with Auckland and Wellington) and the South Island (with Queenstown and Christchurch). There’s a ferry between them – around 4 hours of seasickness, but the view of the sounds is just unbelievable.

We have a lot about New Zealand because we live here and because we traveled a bit around. We did spend 5 months traveling around it before we took off!

So choose one topic and start planning your family trip to amazing New Zealand!

From almost everywhere in Auckland you can get a glimpse of the Sky Tower. One Tree Hill, one of the volcanos, is not different!

The kids when they’d just arrived in NZ – so tiny! They’re at the top of One Tree Hill volcano, with the views of Sky Tower.

Whole country

There's something magic about snow capped mountains. Queenstown during winter was stunning, even the kids thought so!

We visited Queenstown during winter. It was freezing cold, but it’s just so beautiful we couldn’t resist staying out!

Road Tripping

North Island


I just love the dramatic skies in NZ. In Golden Bay, it was no different. Click here to find out about NZ travel for families with kids

NZ has stunning and dramatic skies almost all year round. This is from Golden Bay, in the South Island.



National Park

Mount Maunganui

Hobbiton is a magical place: it's really stunning. And real. My kids had lots of fun there.

in Hobbiton, Coral was trying to get inside a hobbit hole. I wanted to live there.



Volcanos, mountains, rivers, waterfalls: it's all in Tongariro National Park. Great family friendly place!

Tongariro National Park has 3 incredible volcanos, waterfalls, a chateau, and it’s a great place to take your kids to!

South Island

  • South Island with kids – The South Island is just wonderful in all senses. There is no how not to fall in love
  • Marlborough, Picton, and surrounding areas, with kids – This is the northern part of the South Island – beautiful and the first stop for everyone traveling by ferry
  • The glaciers: Fox and Franz Josef – The glaciers in NZ are quite impressive. The only way to actually be on them is by heli, but all we did was walk to the closest spot we could. Still impressive.
  • Milford Sounds with kids: it was a bad luck day, though – People say it’s one of the most beautiful sites in the world, but it really wasn’t when we were there. It was a bit sad. If you wish to see wild keas, well, that’s the place, though!
  • Dunedin with kids – Dunedin is pretty cool, but it was one of the places we loved the least so far.
  • Christchurch with kids – Well, Christchurch! The earthquake city is one awesome place to be! It’s one of our favorite places in NZ!
  • Kaikoura with kids – When I hear Kaikoura, I hear fur seals, whales, dolphins, and albatrosses. Well, and sea and mountain. And the best fish & chips in NZ!
  • Kaikoura’s Fur Seals – These cute things are all around Kaikoura and they’re not scared of humans! Perfect place to get as close as safely possible!


This beach, in Dunedin, NZ, is famous for its white sands, the sand dunes, and the amazing sea lions. It was a great experience!

Sand dunes, sea lions, beaches: we saw it all in Sandfly Bay, in Dunedin, with the kids. What an amazing day! It must be a lot better during summer, though.



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