Canada is one incredible destination for family travel. It has everything, from lovely beaches to rocky mountains, good food, Niagara Falls, castles, maple syrup, and way more!

We had 2 months in Canada with kids during the summer and it was lovely! It’s one of the countries we all loved to bits!

Canada is a wonderful country - one of our favorites in the whole world! We had 2 months there. #travel #familytravel #canada

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Canada facts

Located in the Northern part of North America, it’s a huge country, it’s impossible to see it all in a few weeks or even months. We only saw the South-Eastern side and it took us 2 months. I think we’d need around 2 years to see it all!

The capital is Ottawa, and it’s a great country to live in. It’s one of the places with the highest diversity we’ve seen so far – people from all over the world, and all kinds of people, living together, proving that it’s possible and desirable! 

There are two official languages: English and French. It’s pretty amusing to find yourself speaking English and a few hours later, people can barely understand you unless you speak French.
The currency is the Canadian dollar.
It’s a highly developed country, and most of its population lived near the Southern border – and that’s where we kept ourselves to. 

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The Best Places to Visit in Canada with kids

Bear in mind that we kept ourselves to the Eastern Coast of Canada. Next time, we’ll visit the Western Coast! Subscribe if you wish to know when it happens!

There's a lot to do throughout Canada, but with a limited time, we decided to keep ourselves to the Eastern coast of Canada. It was an amazing trip. Click for more

Here’s a little map I made. Hahaha. Be kind. Well, as you can see, it’s nearly impossible to see it all in a short period (we consider 2 months a short period). It is a huge country.

Since Canada is so huge, we’ve had to choose a small portion of it to see at that time. There’s always a next time to see the rest of the country, right?

You can see in the map above that our 2 months only covered 2 provinces: Ontario (where Toronto is and the main language is English) and Quebec (where Quebec City is and the main language is French). And it was a lot of travels.

Summers are hot in that area – it was nearing 30°C (86°F) all day long through our 2 months, but winters are really cold, going way below 0°C (30°F) easily in those areas. There are colder provinces in the country. 

At night time, Quebec City acquires a Harry Potter feel to it, which was very popular with the kids.

Quebec City is a wonder. Walking around after sunset was my kids’ favorite thing, as the heat wasn’t strong anymore, and it has a Hogsmead (The wizarding village from Harry Potter) feel to it.

We decided to visit it during the summer because, well, I don’t like the cold and it was the perfect timing for the end of our South American trip. 

Below are all the places to travel in Canada during summer we visited! 

  • Things to do in Toronto, Canada, with kids – We loved Toronto, it’s great, it’s a big city, it has everything for everyone. Perfect city for families! One could probably spend a lifetime there and not see everything there is to see!
  • Things to do in Niagara Falls, Canada, with kids – We did Niagara Falls as a day trip from Toronto and it was great! Niagara Falls is amazing for every person, and a dream come true! Don’t miss it!
  • The best of Ottawa for families – Ottawa is stunning, but it was our least favorite city in Canada. It’s the capital of the country, and it’s definitely worth a visit!
  • Things to do in Montreal, Canada, with kids – We loved Montreal. It was our first contact with the French language and Montreal was the perfect place to start it! Amazing place to make everyone happy. 
  • Quebec City for families – This was Angelo’s favorite. We had a bit of problem with the French as most people don’t speak English but it was beautiful, and we loved it!

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How to travel within Canada

It’s super easy to travel in Canada. The cheapest way is the bus, but we love a train trip, so we chose to travel by train. It couldn’t have been easier! It’s super reliable and organized. 

It’s not cheap, though, but it was fun. Click here to read the full post with tips on how to grab better deals with Via Rail Canada. 

To and from Canada

As New-Zealanders, Canada is a far, far away country but it’s so worth the trip!

The Harbour in Montreal is beautiful in any weather

The Harbour in Montreal was beautiful. I don’t know why, but every time we passed by, the sky closed like this.

Food in Canada

We’re always (kind of) joking that we want to go back to Canada to eat. I mean, maple syrup in all its forms and poutine, Beavertails, the best icepop fondue in the world? We really miss Canadian food. To see our full post about the delicious food in Canada, click here!

Family travel Itinerary in Canada

What we did was the Eastern Coast.

We flew to Toronto and spent a few weeks there. It was great, we could have stayed a lot longer and it wouldn’t still be enough to see it all. 

A day trip to Niagara Falls from Toronto was one of the highlights of the trip.

The Horseshoe Niagara Falls, one impressive sight

Tell me if it isn’t impressive? Huh? Or better yet, EH? (Canadians say Eh all the time)

Then it was Ottawa. We only had a week there because of accommodation costs: it was very expensive. Still, it was one of the worst houses we’ve had so far. 

From Ottawa, we went to Montreal, which we loved, and had a few weeks of joy and fun. 

And lastly, we went to Quebec City. Quebec City is stunning, one of our favorites, for sure. 

So what we did was Ontario (Toronto > Ottawa) to Quebec (Montreal > Quebec City) in 2 months. I know people can do all we did in a very short time, but with kids and being us, we don’t like to be rushed. 

We still have around 2 more trips to Canada to see it all: one to Central Canada (Jasper area) and one to Western Canada. I hope we can make it soon. 

Toronto Letters Sign, Toronto, Canada

These are the cool letters. You can probably see some of my kids inside the O or somewhere nearby.

Travel with kids Canada

Canada is a great place for families, it’s easy to travel around (though the distances are quite long), it’s super safe, and there’s a lot to please every single member of the family. 

Food is great, people are super friendly, and there’s a lot to see and do. 

It’s not cheap, true, but we found it to be reasonably priced. 

Is Canada a good family vacation destination?

Well, yes! It’s a wonderful one, to be honest! We loved it to bits, and we can’t wait for a next round!

  • Country
  • Minimun Stay
  • $ ~ $$$
  • Child-friendlyness
  • Best local transport option
  • Safety
  • Do we recommend it?
  • Canada
  • A week per city
  • $$$
  • Super child friendly
  • Car, trains, subway and buses – they all work together very well.
  • Super safe!
  • Yes!